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Furse Compression Connectors

"C" Shape connector

Manufactured from pure copper. All sizes also available in tinned, please contact our sales office to discuss specific requirements.

Part numbers in this range include CN1010, CN1616, CN2510, CN2525, CN3516, CN3535, CN5025, CN5050, CN7025, CN7035, CN7070, CN9535, CN9570, CN9595, CN120120, CN150120, CN150150, CN18595, CN185185, CN240120, CN240150, CN240185, CN240240, CN300120, CN300300, CN1010-T, CN1616-T, CN2510-T, CN2525-T, CN3516-T, CN3535-T, CN5025-T, CN5050-T, CN7025-T, CN7035-T, CN7070-T, CN9535-T, CN9570-T, CN9595-T, CN120120-T, CN150120-T, CN150150-T, CN18595-T, CN185185-T, CN240120-T, CN240150-T, CN240185-T, CN240240-T, CN300120-T and CN300300-T.


"C" Shape connector die (HT010 and HT040 tooling) & "C" Shape connector die (HT020 and HT030 tooling)

Manufactured from high quality stainless steel.

Part numbers in this range include HD100, HD200, HD300, HD400, HD500, HD600, HD700, HD800.



Part numbers in this range include FCT166, FCT168, FCT1610, FCT1612, FCT256, FCT258, FCT2510, FCT2512, FCT356, FCT358, FCT3510, FCT3512, FCT506, FCT508, FCT5010, FCT5012, FCT708, FCT7010, FCT7012, FCT7014, FCT7016, FCT958, FCT9510, FCT9512, FCT9514, FCT9516, FCT12010,FCT12012, FCT12014, FCT12016, FCT15010,FCT15012, FCT15014, FCT15016, FCT18512, FCT18514, FCT18516, FCT24012, FCT24014, FCT24016, FCT30012, FCT30014, FCT30016, FCT40012, FCT40014 and FCT40016.


Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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