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Furse Conductors

By far the largest and most important component of any earthing or structural lightning protection system is the actual conductor.

Furse offer a comprehensive range of copper and aluminium conductors in each of the main world standard formats, i.e. flat tape, solid circular and stranded.

Flat Tape Conductor

Furse supply a large range of flat tape conductors including; Bare, PVC (including green & yellow), LSOH, lead covered and tinned copper tape, hard drawn copper bar, flexible copper braid, and bare and PVC covered aluminium tape.

An anti-vandal down conductor guard can also be supplied for use with all 25 x 3 mm tape.

Flat Tape Conductor Datasheet

Solid Circular Conductor

Furse supply a range of solid circular conductors including; bare and PVC covered copper and aluminium.

Solid Circular Conductor Datasheet

Stranded Conductor

Furse supply a range of stranded conductors including; bare and PVC covered copper and bimetallic cable.

Stranded Conductor Datasheet

Flat Tape Conductor part numbers include TC048, TC050, TC015, TC055, TC020, TC060-FU, TC025, TC026, TC065, TC030, TC067, TC030-UL, TC066, TC035, TC071, TC040, TC060, TC090, TC040-UL, TC069, TC039, TC070, TC042, TC075, TC044, TC078, TC043, TC080, TC045, TC082, TC100, TC105-FU, TC110, TC115-FU, TC120-FU, TC125-FU, TC130, TC105/50, TC110/50, TC115/50, TC120/50, TC125/50, TC130/50, TC140-FU, TC145, TC910, TC940, TC980, TC111-FU, TC330, TC225-FU, TC230, TC230-UL, TC239, TC240, TC245, TC260, TC280, BA205, BA210, BA225, BA230, BA235, BA240, BA250-FU, BA231, BD020, BD025, BD026, BD027, BD028, BD030, BD031, BD032, BD033, BD034, BD020-T, BD025-T, BD026-T, BD028-T, BD035, BD031-T, BD027-T, BD032-T, BD033-T, BD034-T, BD006-FU, BD010-FU, BD016-FU, BD025-FU, BD035-FU, BD050-FU, BD070-FU, BD095-FU, BD006-FU-T, BD010-FU-T, BD016-FU-T, BD025-FU-T, BD035-FU-T, BD050-FU-T, BD070-FU-T, BD095-FU-T, TA005, TA020, TA030, TA042, TA040, TA068, TA080, TA100, TA104, TA105, TA110, TA115, TA120, TA125, TA130 and AV005.

Solid Circular Conductor part numbers include CD035, CD080, CD036, CD038, CD039, CD040, CD041, CD081, CD083, CD084, CD085 and CD086.

Stranded Conductor part numbers include CB006, CB120, CB016, CB150-FU, CB025, CB185, CB035, CB070-T, CB240, CB050-FU, CB300-FU, CB070, CB400-FU, CB095, CB071, CC016, CC120-FU, CC025, CC150-FU, CC035, CC185, CC050, CC240, CC070, CC300, CC095, CC400-FU, BC001, BC002, BC003, BC004, BC005, BC006, BC007, BC008, BC009, BC010, BC011, BC012, BC013 and BC014.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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