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Furse Earth Bars & Disconnecting Links

All of the below products consist of 50 x 6mm copper bar with M10 termination screws.

We can offer a range of earth bars manufactured to your individual requirements.

Earth bar

Part numbers in this range include LK245-6, LK245-8, LK245-10, LK245-12, LK245-14, LK245-16, LK245-18, LK245-20, LK245-22, LK245-24, LK245-26, LK245-28, LK245-30, LK245-6-T, LK245-8-T, LK245-10-T, LK245-12-T, LK245-14-T, LK245-16-T, LK245-18-T, LK245-20-T, LK245-22-T, LK245-24-T, LK245-26-T, LK245-28-T and LK245-30-T.


Earth bar with single disconnecting link

Part numbers in this range include LK243-6, LK243-8, LK243-10, LK243-12, LK243-14, LK243-16, LK243-18, LK243-20, LK243-22, LK243-24, LK243-26, LK243-28, LK243-30, LK243-6-T, LK243-8-T, LK243-10-T, LK243-12-T, LK243-14-T, LK243-16-T, LK243-18-T, LK243-20-T, LK243-22-T, LK243-24-T LK243-26-T, LK243-28-T and LK243-30-T.


Earth bar with twin disconnecting links

Part numbers in this range include LK207-6, LK207-8, LK207-10, LK207-12, LK207-14, LK207-16, LK207-18, LK207-20, LK207-22, LK207-24, LK207-26, LK207-28, LK207-30, LK207-6-T, LK207-8-T, LK207-10-T, LK207-12-T, LK207-14-T, LK207-16-T, LK207-18-T, LK207-20-T, LK207-22-T, LK207-24-T, LK207-26-T, LK207-28-T and LK207-30-T.


Earth bar accessories

Part numbers in this range include LK004, LK205, LK004-T and LK205-T.


Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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