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Furse Earth Plates & Earth Rod Seals

Earth plate - solid copper

Part numbers in this range include PE005 PE015, PE010 and PE020.


Earth plate - lattice copper

Part numbers in this range include PE110 and PE120.


Earth rod seal

Modern building specifications often require that earth points are located within the building itself, which means that rod type earth electrodes must pass through the building's foundations or floor slab.

In such applications, where the building's damp proof membrane is pierced, it is necessary to prevent the upward seepage of water through use of a suitable sealing mechanism around each earth rod.

Furse market-leading earth rod seals have offered the most effective solution to this problem for years. Now, we introduce a new earth rod seal which delivers all the benefits of previous designs whilst offering the simplest, most cost effective installation to date.

The new Furse earth rod seal utilizes our removable compression seal technology, and is specifically designed to ensure a watertight seal between Furse earth rods and commonly used damp proof membranes, without the need for adhesive, sealant or mastic.

Furse lightweight inspection pits fit easily on to the seal assembly making connections to earthing conductors readily accessible, and through selection of a suitable length of seal tube, an effective seal through both shallow and deep concrete slabs can be achieved.

Part numbers in this range include ES300, ES300-12, ES300-58, ES300-34, ES300-15, ES300-16, ES300-20, ES310-03, ES310-05, ES310-10, ES310-15, ES310-20, ES310-30 and ES320.


Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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