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Furse ESP 415/XXX Range 3-Phase Type 1 Protectors

Previously, in BS 6651, the protection of electrical and electronic equipment was included merely as an annex (Annex C) only as a strong recommendation/guidance measure.

Newly released BS EN 62305 will replace BS 6651 and this new standard considers the protection of electrical and electronic equipment as integrally as the protection of the physical structure itself.


  Use on three phase mains supplies and power distribution systems for protection against partial direct or indirect lightning strikes
  ESP 415/I/XXX versions for use with Class I or II Lightning Protection Systems (LPS)
  ESP 415/III/XXX versions for use with Class III or IV LPS; or exposed overhead three phase power lines where no LPS is fitted
  ESP 415/X/TNS versions also cover TNC-S earthing systems


Protector to be installed in the main distribution panel with connecting leads of minimal length. The protector should be fused and is suitable for attachment to a 35mm top hat DIN rail.

Data Sheet

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Features and Benefits

  Enhanced protection offering low let-through voltage (Up)
  The varistor based design eliminates the high follow current (If) associated with spark gap based surge protection
  Compact, space saving design
  Indicator shows when the protector requires replacement
  Remote signal contact can indicate the protectors' status through interfacing with a building management system


  ESP 415/I/TNS
  ESP 415/I/TNC
  ESP 415/I/TT
  ESP 415/III/TT

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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