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Furse ESP Cat 5 Range (formally Net-100 range)

The ESP Net series has now been renamed as the ESP CAT series, and the following products are now renamed as follows:

ESP Net-100, now ESP Cat 5
ESP Net-100e, now ESP Cat 5e
ESP Net-1000, now ESP Cat 5/Gigabit
ESP Net-1000e, now ESP Cat 5e/Gigabit
ESP Net-100/PoE, now ESP Cat 5/PoE

  Use to protect twisted pair Ethernet networks with RJ45 connections.
  To protect up to 100baseT and up to 1000baseT networks with Cat-5 cabling use ESP Net-100 and ESP Net-1000 respectively.
  To protect up to 100baseT and up to 1000baseT networks with Cat-5e cabling use ESP Net-100e and ESP Net-1000e respectively.
  To protect up to 100baseT Power over Ethernet (PoE) networks use ESP Net-100/PoE.
  Suitable for systems signalling on up to eight wires of either shielded or unshielded twisted pair cable.


Use this protector on network cables that travel between buildings to prevent damage to equipment, eg computers, servers, repeaters and hubs. Suitable for computer networks up to Cat-5e cabling.

Features and Benefits

  Low let-through voltage between all sets of conductors (see technical note below).
  Provides repeated protection in lightning intense environments.
  Unlike some competing devices, the ESP Net series provides effective protection without impairing the system's normal operation.

Technical Note

The interfaces used in 10, 100 and 1000baseT Ethernet and PoE networks incorporate an isolation transformer which gives these systems an inbuilt immunity to transients between line and earth of 1,500 volts or more.

Suitable Accessories

A 1 metre cable is available (ESP CAT5e/UTP-1) to replace the 0.25 metre cable which is supplied as standard.

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To protect coaxial Ethernet networks, use the ESP ThinNet or ESP ThickNet. To protect data comms systems based on twisted pairs, use the D, E or H Series. Local protection for networked equipment is also available.

  Low capacitance circuitry prevents the start-up signal degradation associated with other types of network protector.
  Low in-line resistance minimises unnecessary reductions in signal strength to maximise signalling distance.
  Sturdy ABS housing.
  Convenient holes for flat mounting.
  Substantial earth stud to enable effective earthing.
  Supplied with short (25cm) Cat-5e UTP cable to enable neat installation.


Connect in series with the network cable, either:

a) near to where it enters or leaves the building, or
b) as it enters the network hub, or
c) close to the equipment being protected.

This should be close to the system's earth star point (to enable a good connection to earth).

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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