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V100 VHF Hand Portable Radiotelephone

The V100 VHF Hand Portable Radiotelephone is a range of VHF hand portable radiotelephones for the GMDSS.

All of the requirements of the IMO for carriage on SOLAS ships are met by the V100 VHF Hand Portable Radiotelephone. The radiotelephone has been specifically designed to be very rugged and simple to use, both on-board and in emergency situations. The V100 VHF Hand Portable Radiotelephone is the perfect option for mandatory and voluntary carriage.

The fear of losing its battery charge is removed by the unique battery protection tab, which allows the primary battery to be permanently attached to the radio.

The V100 VHF Hand Portable Radiotelephone is always ready for use in emergency situations, without the hassle of removing protective labels or the like.

The user of the V100 VHF Hand Portable Radiotelephone can simply break off the red protective tab, which will make the radiotelephone immediately ready to switch on.

For the everyday user, there is a lithium polymer rechargeable battery option. The V100 VHF Hand Portable Radiotelephone's quick release rapid charger gives the user the ideal solution for keeping batteries fully charged and ready for use.


  High efficiency transmitter for maximum battery life
  Rugged design exceeds GMDSS environmental requirements
  Lithium primary battery for emergency use
  Novel battery protection tab protects from inadvertent use
  Battery classified as non-hazardous for shipment
  Battery provides in excess of 16 hours typical operation, even at -20°C. (10% Tx, 10% Rx, 80% Squelched)
  Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery option available with rapid charger, for everyday normal use
  Laser etched key legends for durability
  High contrast, backlit LCD and keypad
  Rugged accessory socket option; waterproof to IP68 for use with headsets, helmets, fist mikes, etc.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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