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Intrepid Mk1 Immersion Suit

Giving the wearer the best chance of survival during an emergency situation, the Intrepid Mk1 Immersion Suit is one of the world's premier insulated suits.

The Intrepid Mk1 Immersion Suit has been manufactured from 4-way stretch 5mm neoprene. This gives the user maximum freedom of both movement and vision during a critical emergency and also giving a level of fire resistance and excellent thermal insulation. The amount of unwanted air trapped in the lower part of the suit is minimised by the close fitting design of the Intrepid Mk1 Immersion Suit.


  150cm² Retro tape
  Full face seal
  5mm neoprene (4 way stretch)
  Large offset zip
  Tailored design
  Neoprene mitt pockets
  5 finger gloves
  Tough rubber soles
  Size 50cm x 28cm
  Weight 3.3kg
  Donning - The large offset zip makes the Mk 1 quick donning, the integral 5 finger gloves allow full dexterity during and after donning.
  Hand Protection - For in water use an additional pair of thermal mitts are housed in easily accessible pockets situated on the sleeves.
  Feet - The feet are protected by non-slip rubber soles which give both grip and protection.
  Neoprene Hood - The hood is fitted with an effective face seal and has 150sq cm of retro reflective tape to aid survivor location.



Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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