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MSA FlameGard 5 MSIR Flame Detector

Superior false alarm immunity through multi-spectrum infrared flame detection

MSA's FlameGard 5 MSIR Detector is an advanced multi-spectrum flame detector designed to provide superior false alarm immunity with the widest field of view. The FlameGard 5 MSIR Detector employs a state-of-the-art multi-spec - trum infrared (MSIR) sensor array with a sophisticated Neural Network Technology (NNT) system. Designed to detect typical fires such as those produced by alcohol, n-heptane, gasoline, jet fuels and hydrocarbons, the FlameGard 5 Detector can see through dense smoke produced by diesel, rubber, plastics, lube oil, and crude oil fires.

The NNT flame discrimination algorithm classifies the output signals from the MSIR sensor array as either fire or non-fire. This MSIR/NNT combination is highly immune to false alarms caused by lightning, arc-welding, hot objects, and other sources of radiation.

The electronics of the FlameGard 5 MSIR Detector are housed in a stainless steel explosion-proof enclosure. The detector is available with the following output configurations:

  4-20 mA stepped output
  Dual serial communications
  HART communication
  Warning, alarm and fault relays

The serial communication port(s) allows 128 units (247 using repeaters) to be linked up to a host computer using the Modbus RTU protocol. The communication registers provide alarm status, fault and other information for operating, troubleshooting or programming the unit.

The continuous optical path monitoring (COPM) self test checks both the optical path integrity (window cleanliness) and the detector's electronic circuitry every two minutes.

Features and Benefits

  Multi-Spectrum IR (MSIR) sensor array provides increased range and a wide field of view
  Neural Network Technology (NNT) provides superior false alarm immunity
  Continuous Optical Path Monitoring (COPM) checks the optical path integrity and the detector's electronic circuitry
  Multiple communication outputs provide versatility for use in a variety of applications
  Event logging is a standalone diagnostic tool
  Test mode can be used with a test lamp to check all outputs


  Drilling and Production Platforms
  Gas Turbines
  LNG/LPG Processing and Storage Facilities
  Fuel Loading Facilities
  Compressor Stations
  Electrostatic Paint Spray Booths
  Aircraft Hangars
  Chemical Plants

Ordering Codes

5MSIR-1013211 - FlameGard 5 MSIR, Dual Modbus, 0 -20 mA, No relays
5MSIR-2513211 - FlameGard 5 MSIR, Dual Modbus, 0 -20 mA, Relays, Non-Energized
5MSIR-2613211 - FlameGard 5 MSIR, Dual Modbus, 0 -20 mA, Relays, Energized
5MSIR-3513211 - FlameGard 5 MSIR, Single Modbus, HART, 3.5 -20 mA, Relays, Non-Energized
5MSIR-3613211 - FlameGard 5 MSIR, Single Modbus, HART, 3.5 -20 mA, Relays, Energized

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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