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MSA Series 47K Gas Sensor

MSA remote sensors, Series 47K, are design ed to detect potentially hazardous concentrations of flammable gas and vapour in air.

A cost effective range of sensors for detecting up to 100% LEL including Poison Resistant, Standard and High Temperature versions.

Series 47K sensors are available with either Ex d - 3/4. NPT or Ex e - M25 junction boxes.

A complete range of accessories for calibration, environmental protection, sampling and duct mount ing makes it suitable for virtually all applications in combustible gas detection.

Series 47K sensors used in combination with MSA Controllers fully meet the requirements of ATEX Directive 94/9/EC, including performance, and being SIL 2 capable they can be used as part of a safety related system.

Features and Benefits

  0.100% LEL
  Ex e junction box with M25 cable gland thread
  Ex d junction box with 3/4. NPT cable gland thread
  Standard (ST), Poison Resistant (PRP) and High Temperature (HT) versions
  Suitable for use in safety related systems (ATEX 94/9/EC)
  3 or 5 wire connection
  Stainless steel body
  Complete range of accessories
  Fast response time
  Excellent performance cost ratio
  Safety Integrity Level . SIL 2


  Chemical & Petrochemical Industry
  Printing Industry
  Gas Industry
  Refrigeration Industry
  LPG Storage and Transportation
  Paint Manufacture
  Solvent Recovery & Storage
  Loading-Unloading of Hazardous Gas & Vapour
  Automotive Test Benches
  Boiler Rooms
  Turbine & Compressors

Ordering Codes

  10048117 - 47K sensor stainless steel M25
  10048118 - 47K-PRP sensor stainless steel M25 (Poison Resistant Pellistor)
  10048199 - 47K-HT sensor stainless steel M25 (High Temp)

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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