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MSA Ultima XL/XT Series Gas Monitors

Cost effective fixed installation gas monitors with HART Field Communications Protocol. Single-sensor units use catalytic, electrochemical and infrared gas detection technologies for detection of combustible and toxic gases and for oxygen deficiency.

ULTIMA XL/XT Series Gas Monitors offer an affordable choice in continuous gas detection and monitoring while retaining key features and sensors of MSA's ULTIMA X Series Gas Monitors.

HART Field Communications Protocol running over 4 - 20 mA output provides convenient setup, calibration, and diagnostics.The handheld HART communicator, controller or laptop provides a display, while local calibration employs LEDs and push-buttons.

The ULTIMA XL Gas Monitor is explosion-proof with a stainless steel enclosure, while the ULTIMA XT Gas Monitor uses a general purpose plastic housing. The enclosure for the ULTIMA XL Gas Monitor has three entryways for sensor, intrinsically safe HART port and signal/power wiring.

These versatile units are well-suited for both indoor and outdoor applications within oil and gas, chemical and petro-chemical facilities, refineries, steel mills, water and wastewater treatment plants, general industry and many others.

Features and Benefits

  Sensor disconnect-under-power without declassifying a hazardous area
  Interchangeable smart sensors; no reconfiguration required
  One circuit board for increased reliability and easier serviceability
  Calibrate, set up or perform diagnostics with HART from any point along the 4 - 20 mA line
  Easy installation with two-piece field-wiring connectors
  Asset management using HART interface
  Adjustable full-scale range

ULTIMA XL Gas Monitor - Explosion-Proof Stainless Steel Gas Detector

  316 Stainless Steel
  Multiple-entry mounting enclosure
  Intrinsically safe HART port
  IP 66 rated

ULTIMA XT Gas Monitor - Water- and Corrosion- Resistant, All-Purpose, Polycarbonate Gas Detector

  Nema 4X-IP 56 rating
  Light-weight [only 0.8 kg]
  HART port

ULTIMA XL IR Combustible Gas Monitor - Explosion-Proof Stainless Steel, Infrared Gas Detector

  316 Stainless Steel
  Multiple-entry mounting enclosure
  Intrinsically safe HART port
  Fast response time
  Operation based on dual-wavelength, heated-optics technology, providing definitive compensation for temperature, humidity and aging effects
  IR technology offers excellent long-term stability, eliminating the need for frequent calibrations
  A sintered-disk-free design for optimum performance in harsh environments
  Minimum downtime for gas calibration, a zero adjustment is mostly all that is required for full calibration
  IP 66 rated

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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