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MSA UltraSonic IS-5 Gas Leak Detector

For high-pressure gas applications and installations restricted to low power

The UltraSonic IS-5 is a non-concentration based gas detector used to detect leaks from highpressure systems. Like other ultrasonic monitors, the UltraSonic IS-5 responds to the airborne ultrasound generated from gas releases in open, well ventilated areas, where traditional methods of detection may be unsuitable or dependent on ventilation. Because the UltraSonic IS-5 responds to the source of a gas release rather than the dispersed gas, it is unaffected by changing wind directions, gas dilution, and the direction of the gas leak. Further, with its maximum coverage radius of 20 meters, it can supervise a relatively large area with a single device.

The UltraSonic IS-5 is immune to many false signals and can be configured to filter short timescale ultrasonic noise that can produce nuisance alarms. Frequencies below 25 kHz are removed by a high pass filter, effectively eliminating interference from audible and low frequency ultrasonic noise. At the same time, setting the alarm trigger level above the ultrasonic background noise ensures immunity to other noise sources. The result is a reliable method of detection, able to monitor environments with high levels of ultrasound such as turbine rooms and compressor stations.

Besides high-pressure gas applications, the UltraSonic IS-5 is suited for installations restricted to low power (< 1 W).

Features and Benefits

  Advanced stainless steel microphone permits instant detection of high-pressure gas leaks with coverage up to 20 meters in radius
  Interface outputs include 4-20 mA analogue and alarm/fault relays according to industry standards
  Full AISI 316L stainless steel intrinsically safe housing enclosure provides corrosion resistance in harsh environments
  Minimal maintenance and calibration requirements with portable test unit
  Local LED indicator displays detector status


  Offshore and Onshore Oil and Gas Installations
  Floating Production Storage and Offloading Vessels (FPSOs)
  Gas Compressor and Metering Stations
  Underground Gas Storage Facilities
  Petrochemical Processing Plants
  Hydrogen Storage Facilities
  LNG/GTL Trains
  LNG Re-gasification Plants
  Gas Turbine Power Plants

Ordering Codes

  UIS5-11 - Ultrasonic IS-5 Gas Leak Detector, 4-20 mA output, ATEX/IECEX, 2xM20

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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