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Nauticast A2 AIS Class A Transponder

The robust AIS solution for professional use, both SOLAS and Inland

Easy installation and full connectivity

The Nauticast A2 AIS Class A Transponder single-box design integrated with a color display allows for easy installation. RS232/RS422 interfaces (NMEA 0183) and the pilot plug guarantee seamless integration into all other ship systems.

High quality and compliance

Many a professionals regard the NAUTICAST A2 as the most reliable device in its category. It exceeds all specifications for SOLAS and INLAND AIS as outlined by as IEC, IMO,CCNR and ITU the main authorities.



Ordering Information

Nauticast A2 Box 100 1001
Power cable for Nauticast A2 2m 100 1002
Interface cable A2 open ends 100 1003
Interface cable old Connection Box 100 1004
Standard mounting bracket for A2 100 1005
Gimbal mounting bracket for A2 100 1006
Upgrade cable VHF+GPS for A2 100 1007
Set: Upgrade data cable / Inland for A2 100 1008
Upgrade cable sensor / data only for A2 100 1008-1
Upgrade cable for A2 Blue Sign only 100 1008-2
Alarm relay for A2 100 1010
Connection box for A2 w/ alarm relay 100 1011
Cable A2 - connection box 2m D-O 100 1012
Cable A2 - connection box 2m D-D 100 1013
Cable A2 - connection box 10m D-D 100 1014
Comrod AV7 VHF fibreglass antenna 100 1021
Procom GPS4 high quality GPS antenna 100 1022
AC17M Combi antenna w/ splitter 100 1025
AC Marine VHF/GPS-2 combined antenna 100 1027
Procom CXL 2-1/l-N VHF antenna 100 1035
Retro fit frame drop-in mount for A2 100 1052

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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