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RKI Instruments Eagle 6 Gas Sample Drawing Monitor

It is RKI Instruments' pleasure to be able to offer the most versatile and most efficient portable gas detector currently present on the market. The Eagle is a portable gas detector which is equipped with features that are not available amongst its competitors thereby setting it apart.

The Eagle has the capability of offering more than just standard confined space protection amongst lower explosive limit gases such as oxygen, hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide. The Eagle is able to offer more detection combinations than any other gas detector currently present in the market. It is able to provide the user with the industries widest selection of high quality sensors which have an exceptional shelf life.

Some of the unique features provided by the Eagle include PPM or Lower explosive limit hydrocarbon detection which provide results almost instanaeously. It is also equipped with infrared sensors for measuring carbon dioxide, methane or hydrocarbons amongst lower explosive limit gases and it is also responsible for methane eliminations thereby proving to be extremely efficient in environmental applications. It is also responsible for elimination of a number of extremely toxic gases. The RKI Eagle is also equipped with dual hydrophobic filters that increase its water resistant performance. It is also equipped with a strong internal pump with a low flow auto shut off alarm which has the capability of drawing samples upto 125 feet despite the presence of hydrophobic filters in place. This enables relatively quicker response time amongst certain sampling locations. The Eagle also has the capacity to continuously operate for over 30 hours based solely on alkaline batteries, it can also operate for 18 hours if based on Ni-cads. It is also equipped with a number of technical accessories to help satisfy just about any other application namely sample hoses, float probes for tank testing,datalogging,continuous operation adapters,and dilution fittings. Thereby proving to be extremely efficient and far superior to its competitors.

Data Sheet

RKI Instruments Eagle 6 Gas Sample Drawing Monitor


  Simultaneous detection of up to 6 different gases
  Over 400 gas monitoring configurations
  Wide range of toxic gases
  PPM / LEL hydrocarbon detection
  Powerful long-life pump up to 125' range with filters
  Low flow pump shut off and alarm
  Methane elimination switch for environmental use
  Security "Adjustment Lockout Switch"
  Up to 30 hours of continuous operation
  Alkaline or Ni-Cad capability
  IR Sensors available for CO2, % LEL CH4 or HC, % volume CH4 or HC
  Transformer testing version available
  Datalogging option
  Autocalibration / single gas calibration
  Dual hydrophobic filters (most versions)
  Ergonomic RFI / EMI / chemical / weather resistant enclosure
  Intrinsically safe design, CSA (C / US) & UL classified (most versions)
  Complies with EPA Method 21

The initials RKI stand for the Riken Keiki Company.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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