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RKI Instruments GX-2009 4 Gas Confined Space Monitor

It is RKI's pleasure to provide you with GX-2009. It is the smallest, lightest and the most efficient 4-gas monitor display currently present in the world.

It weighs only 4.6 ounces and is extremely compact as it can fit in the palm of your hand. The Gx-2009 has the capability of simultaneously monitoring combustible particles, oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide levels present in the gas. Gx-2009 truly is a remarkable piece of technology and showcases the evolution of gas detection technology over a relatively short span of time.

It possess significant advancements over the previous models, it now includes a dual audible alarm port and an alarm LED's on 3 of the four sides of the device.

These specific advancements are to highlight alarm conditions from various other perspectives and aid the user in particularly difficult situations where in the user may encounter rather difficult situations such as a relatively high noise environment. Some other technical advancements in the GX-2009 are that it is completely water-resistant and dust proof with an IP rating of 67.

It is completely RFI resistant because of the introduction of a rubber- mold to the body . Besides these technical advancements it is still capable of performing all the other activities performed by a gas monitor and has relatively large data logging system which is installed in all standard gas monitoring devices.

Data Sheet

RKI Instruments GX-2009 4 Gas Confined Space Monitor


  Simultaneous detection of 4 gases - LEL, O2, H2S & CO
  Smallest / Lightest 4 gas monitor on the market - 2.7" H x 3" W x 1" D, 4.6 oz.
  Dual audible alarm ports (95 db @ 30 cm)
  3 visual alarm LED's
  Vibration alarm
  IP-67 Water resistant/dustproof design
  Calibration and bump test lock out or reminder controls
  Large capacity data logging standard
  20 hours of operation (NiMH batteries)
  Large LCD display screen
  Automatic backlighting at alarm
  Impact resistant rubber over-mold body
  STEL and TWA readouts
  Intrinsically safe, CSA, C/US classified IECEx / ATEX approved
  2 year warranty

Ordering Information

21-1880RK Front case, GX-2009
07-6017RK-01 Gasket for GX-2009 case, one each
30-1054RK Vibration motor for the GX-2009
51-1119RK LCD module assembly with flat cable for GX-2009
57-2052RK PCB main assembly, GX-2009
65-7001RK Dummy sensor for GX-2001 or GX-2009
21-1881RK Case, rear, GX-2009
10-1098RK-01 Screw with split lock and flat washers for alligator or belt clip, GX-2009, 1 each
10-1104RK Screw for case or sensor retainer, M2 x 10 mm, GX-2001 or GX-2009, pack of 100
33-1113RK-01 Metal mesh filter for buzzer hole, GX-2009, 1 each
49-0115RK 115 / 220 VAC Adapter for charger (charger base not included), GX-2009
07-6018RK Gasket for buzzer hole, GX-2009
24-5000RK Flexible printed circuit (FPC), GX-2009
49-1050RK Battery, silver oxide, SR 616, 1.55 volts, GX-2009
49-1609RK NiMH battery set with hardware for GX-2009, set of 2 batteries
13-0116RK Alligator clip, GX-2009
21-1883RK Sensor case with PCB assembly, GX-2009
07-6008RK O-ring gasket for sensor case, GX-2009, pack of 10
07-6008RK-01 O-ring gasket for sensor case, GX-2009, 1 each
OS-BM2 Sensor, Oxygen (O2) for GX-2001/GX-2003/GX-2009/GasWatch 2/OX-01
NC-6264AS Sensor, LEL, for GX-2001/GX-2003/GX-2009/GP-01
ES-1821 Sensor, Carbon Monoxide (CO) for GX-2001/GX-2003/GX-2009/GasWatch 2/CO-01
ES-1827i Sensor, Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) for GX-2009
07-6019RK Sensor chamber gasket,for sensor retainer,GX-2009, pack of 10
07-6019RK-01 Sensor chamber gasket,for sensor retainer,GX-2009, 1 each
21-1882RK Sensor retainer, GX-2009 (inner piece)
33-7114RK Filter disk, H2S scrubber, 5 pack, for combustible diffusion port, set of 5
33-7102RK Filter, charcoal, for CO sensor, pack of 5
33-7102RK-01 Filter, charcoal, for CO sensor, 1 each
07-6021RK Gasket, sensor retainer, pack of 10
07-6021RK-01 Gasket, sensor retainer, 1 each
33-0172RK Sensor Cover, water proof, sheet for 4 sensors, GX-2009, 1 each
21-1884RK Sensor cover, GX-2009 (outside piece)
10-1104RK-01 Screw for case or sensor retainer, M2 x 10 mm, GX-2001 or GX-2009, 1 each
13-0112RK Wrist strap, GX-2001/GX-2003
13-0117RK Belt clip, GX-2009

The initials RKI stand for the Riken Keiki Company.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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