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RKI Instruments GX-2012 Confined Space, Purge & Barhole Gas Monitor

The RKI Instruments Gx-2012 is a proven multipurpose device with the capability of providing multiple tools. Gx-2012 has 3 operating nodes and can be used for confined space, safety monitoring in an attempt to monitor its normal operating mode and for leak investigation where in it checks if there has been a leak it can also be used in checking underground Bar Hole mode to determine if there was a leak.

It can also be equipped with an optional TC sensor wherein the Gx-2012 can measure up to 100 % volume of methane present and dynamically auto range from percentage of lower explosive limit gases to the percentage of the volume of the gas present. This functionality proves to be ideal for line purge testing.

Gx-2012 is built around high quality micro sensor technology and is therefore far more efficient than its competitors. The Gx-2012 is RKI's smallest personal 1-5 sensor gas monitor and has an inbuilt pump, weighing about 12 .3 ounces ,Gx2012 also has the capability of monitoring standard confined space gases such LEL combustibles, oxygen levels, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide content.

RKI Instruments' Gx-2012 has a large LCD screen display which shows all the gas readings, battery level ,the current time and it has a built in alarm which will automatically trigger a backlight when the sensor is in alarm conditions. Gx-2012's basic alarm types include vibration, visual and audible alarms. These alarms can be set to both latching or non-latching and are controlled by a microprocessor.

Gx-2012 has a built in safety check where in it continuously checks itself for sensor connections, any low battery issues circuit trouble, low flow or any other calibration errors. It can operate on both a Li-ion battery or on an alkaline battery pack. The batteries are relatively simple to replace requiring no specific information or tools for removal of the battery compartment.

Data Sheet

RKI Instruments GX-2012 Confined Space, Purge & Barhole Gas Monitor


  Monitors ppm LEL, and % volume methane, O2, CO and H2S
  0 to 100% volume methane option
  Auto-ranging display of % LEL and % volume
  3 Operating modes: Normal, leak check, & bar hole
  Leak check mode: PPM leak detector, detects down to 100 ppm CH4. Adjustable display ranges: 500/1000/2000/5000 ppm. Visual / audible pulses change with gas concentration. CO display in leak check mode, ideal for residential investigations
  Barhole test mode for underground leak checks
  Status indicators: Pump active, microprocessor status and battery level
  Internal sample drawing pump with up to 50 foot range
  Vibration, visual, and audible alarms
  Automatic backlight during alarms
  Bump test and calibration reminder with lock out option
  Lithium ion or alkaline battery packs (interchangeable)
  Alarm latching or non-latching
  High impact, dust and water resistant design
  Up to 600 hours of datalogging with alarm trends
  Snap-logging - on demand data recording
  TWA and STEL readings with lunch-break mode
  Intrinsically safe, ATEX/IECEx/CE or CSA/CE (Optional)
  2 year warranty

Ordering Information

17-1001RK Tapered rubber inlet nozzle, 4", RP-6 / GX-2003 / GX-2012 / Gas Tracer
21-1833RK Filter holder, clear plastic, GX-2003
33-1031RK Cotton balls, filters for probe, bag of 25
33-0159RK Teflon filter disc, 10 pieces, RP-6 / GX-2003
33-1112RK Wire mesh disk filter, RP-6 / GX-2003 / GX-2012, 10 pack
21-1890RK Top cover assembly, GX-2012 / Gas Tracer
30-0022RK Pump replacement for GX-2012 and RP-2009, with cable and connector
21-1889RK Main case assembly, GX-2012
07-6024RK Battery pack gasket, GX-2012 / Gas Tracer
07-6025RK Main case gasket, GX-2012 / Gas Tracer
51-1125RK LCD display, GX-2012 / Gas Tracer
57-2043RK CPU PC board assembly, GX-2012
49-1406RK Battery, lithium, CR 1220, for main PCB, GX-2012 / Gas Tracer
30-1053RK Vibration motor, GX-2003 / GX-2012 / Gas Tracer
10-1090RK Tap tight screw M2x4.5 mm, phillips self-tapping
57-2041RK Sensor PC board assembly, GX-2012
07-6026RK Sensor gasket, GX-2012 / Gas Tracer
33-7114RK Filter disk, H2S scrubber, 5 pack, for combustible diffusion port
33-7102RK Filter, charcoal, for CO sensor, pack of 5 GX-2009 / GX-2012 / Gas Tracer / GX-2001
21-1892RK Sensor cap assembly, GX-2012
13-0118RK Belt clip, GX-2012 / Gas Tracer
49-1615RK Batter pack, lithium ion, GX-2012 / Gas Tracer
49-1616RK-01 Alkaline Battery pack cover with gasket, GX-2012 / Gas Tracer
49-1616RK-02 Alkaline Battery pack without cover with gasket, GX-2012 / Gas Tracer
13-0112RK Wrist strap
10-1108RK Screw M2 x 16
10-1093RK Screw M2 x 6 SUS304
10-1091RK Screw M2 x 5 SUS
10-1092RK Truss screw M2 x 5
OS-BM2 O2 sensor OS-BM2
NC-6264A NC-6264B (CSA version) LEL sensor (non CSA) LEL sensor for GX-2012 CSA
ES-1821 CO sensor ES-1821
ES-1827I H2S sensor ES-1827I
TE-7561 VOL sensor TE-7561
SH-8641 PPM sensor SH-8641, Gas Tracer
49-1616RK Alkaline Battery pack without batteries with gasket, GX-2012 / Gas Tracer

The initials RKI stand for the Riken Keiki Company.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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