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RKI Instruments GasWatch 2 Hands Free Single Gas Monitor

RKI Instruments' GasWatch 2 is the first single gas monitor which provides the user with ease of access as it can be easily worn on the wrist like a watch. GasWatch 2 is extremely convenient, cost effective and an easier method of monitoring gas for personal protection of oxygen deficiency, excessive carbon monoxide or hydrogen sulfide.

GasWatch 2 also comes in with a built in vibrator, some audible and a number of visual alarms to immediately alert the user of a potentially dangerous gas condition thereby proving to be extremely efficient for personal use.

GasWatch 2 uses a microprocessor in an attempt to highlight the importance of reliability, the microprocessor also provides the gas watch with a number of advanced capabilities. Some technical capabilities are that it has an included distinctive alarm along with visual effects which are triggered only in the case of an emergency specifically caused by dangerous gas conditions and malfunctions. GasWatch 2 also has a large digital readout with a manual backlight where in a light is automatically triggered in an alarm condition along with the displaying PEAK,TWA and STEL readings.

The replacement sensors are very cost effective, easily replaceable and have a shelf life of about 2 years. GasWatch 2 is also equipped with a watch band, optional belt clip or hard hat clip, therefore enabling versatility and providing the user with the capability of wearing it either on the wrist, belt or on the hard hat.

The GasWatch 2 will operate up to 3000 hours on a single battery. And yes, it does tell you the time!

Data Sheet

RKI Instruments GasWatch 2 Hands Free Single Gas Monitor


  3 gases to choose from CO, H2S, or O2
  Hands free gas monitoring
  Compact "watch type" design
  Fast, accurate response with digital LCD display
  Fits on your wrist, clothing, belt or hardhat
  Automatic backlight during alarm
  Manual backlight
  Sensor fail alarm
  PEAK hold function (min. and max. values for O2)
  TWA and STEL function
  Displays current time
  Visual, audible, and vibration alarms standard
  Over 3,000 hours of operation from 1 battery
  Intrinsically safe, CSA, C/US classified
  2 year warranty

Ordering Information

GW-2X with watch band 72-0007RK
GW-2C with watch band 73-0040RK
GW-2H with watch band 73-0041RK
GW-2X with alligator clip 72-0007RK-01
GW-2C with alligator clip 73-0040RK-01
GW-2H with alligator clip 73-0041RK-01
GW-2X with hardhat clip 72-0007RK-02
GW-2C with hardhat clip 73-0040RK-02
GW-2H with hardhat clip 73-0041RK-02
GW-2X with belt clip 72-0007RK-03
GW-2C with belt clip 73-0040RK-03
GW-2C with belt clip 73-0041RK-03

The initials RKI stand for the Riken Keiki Company.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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