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Yokogawa CA12E Handy Calibrator (for temperature)

The CA12E is a Temperature Calibrator including both signal source and measurement functions. The unit has simple operation and is easy to use, with a lightweight, compact body.


  Simulator of common thermocouples and RTD sensors: Outputs a signal equivalent to signals of ten types of thermocouple K, E, J, T, N, R, U, L, B and S as well as Pt100 resistance temperature detector. (The former Pt100 standard, JPt100, is also selectable by an internal dip switch.) Suitable for a broad range of applications such as maintenance of industrial process instruments and various thermometers.

  Multi-range thermometer: Can be used as a multi-range thermometer. Three-wire RTD connection for an RTD is possible.

  Built-in sensor for reference junction compensation: Reference junction compensation when generating a thermocouple signal can be performed by the built-in temperature sensor. For more precise compensation, use the external RJC sensor (Model B9108WA).

  C/F Selection Key: Select "C" or "F" unit.

  Terminal adapter: Provides screw terminals for connecting a temperature sensor such as a thermocouple and RTD when measuring temperature. When sourcing an RTD signal, a three-wire RTD signal can be output using the lead cables that come with the CA12 by short-circuiting the Lo-Lo terminals using the short-circuit bar that also comes with the CA12.

CA11E and CA12E models.


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