Carbolite ovens, furnaces and incubators

Carbolite Ovens and Furnaces

Established in 1938, Carbolite is a leading international manufacturer of quality ovens, incubators, sterilisers and furnaces, producing a wide range of models for research and industry.

All laboratory products conform to BS EN 61010 which covers safety requirements for electrical equipment used in laboratories and specifically for the heating of materials.

General Purpose Ovens & Incubators

Chamber Furnaces up to 1300 deg C

High Temperature Chamber Furnaces

Rotary Reactor Tube Furnace

Ashing & Burn Off Furnaces

Range of Tube Furnaces

Asphalt Binder Analyser (ABA 7/35)

CAF Video - Coal ash fusibility test furnace

Coke Reactivity Test Furnace

Carbolite Coal and Sulphur Furnace CFM

Volatile Matter Furnace

Linder Test Furnace

Swelling Number Furnace SNF

Cupellation Furnaces

Crucible Furnace

Gold Melting Crucible Furnaces

Custom Designed Furnaces

Cooled Incubators

Gas Cooled Chambers

Temperature Control Systems

carbolite ovens furnaces and incubators
complete temperature control