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Drager Oxyboks K 25 Oxygen Self-Rescue Device

The Drager Oxyboks K 25 is an ergonomically designed oxygen self-rescue device which can be carried by users with them at all times.

The product has been designed specifically for use in areas such as the mining industry, where working conditions are particularly difficult.

The Drager Oxyboks K 25 offers proteection against toxic gases and/or oxygen deficiency when they are discovered suddenly and unexpectedly. The Drager Oxyboks K 25 is belt-mounted and extremely robust, sitting comfortably on the wearer's hip with little or no interference with daily duties. When called upon in an emergency, the device is easily opened and donned and can be worn safely with additional forms of personal protective equipment, such as head protection.

The device comes equipped with a mouthpiece, noseclip and, as an option, goggles, and allows maximum freedom of movement during usage, even when it is not possible to stand upright, such as when passing through narrow exits. An integrated starter cartridge ensures oxygen supply is delivered immediately upon donning and the device continues to supply effective respiratory protection for periods of up to 25 minutes.


Advantages for the User:

  A colored service indicator allows the user to determine at a glance whether or not the device is ready for use.
  Approved in accordance with DIN EN 13794.
  Appropriate training devices are available.
  Can be used up to temperature class 2.
  Stainless steel reinforced casing for increased robustness.
  Correctly stored devices need not be maintained or serviced for 10 years.

Ordering Information

Drager Oxyboks K 25 6303666

Drager Oxyboks KT (training device) 6303466

Protective goggles 6303670

Belt 6733934


Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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