Gas Analysers - Indoor Air Quality

Gas Analysers - Automotive products.

Kane Automotive Kane Automotive has developed a range of portable exhaust gas analysers that meet the accuracy and functionality of the OIML Class 1 approvals standard. These portable handheld analysers are setting new standards of functionality in vehicle exhaust gas monitoring.

TSI Instruments TSI Instruments is renowned for serving a market of global proportions. An industry leader in the design and manufacture of precision measurement instruments, TSI Instruments has aligned itself with institutions of research and customers on an international basis in order to set the standard for the measurements relating to indoor air quality and air flow.

GeotechnicalKeison Products now offers a vast range of such specialist instrumentation which can measure almost every Geotechnical parameter imaginable.

Geotechnical products

BW Technologies BW Technologies develops and manufactures gas detection instrumentation to protect personnel and facilities around the world. Reliable, technology-driven instruments provide cost-effective solutions to all your gas detection needs.

BW Technologie products

Testo Testo provides a wide range of portable and stationary instruments for many parameters and applications including; temperature, humidity, velocity, pressure, refrigeration, flue gas, water analysis, light and RPM.