Thermal Imaging

A Thermal Imaging products can be used for a broad range of applications, across a number of different industries. From heating engineers checking blocked radiators and underfloor heating malfunctions, to production engineers checking their process line equipment is running effectively.

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MSASee the MSA range of thermal imaging products. The MSA range includes the Evolution products, some of the Evolution features include best-in-class image quality, laser pointer and range finder, light weight, compass, integrated video and picture capture and integrated wireless video transmission system.

Bartec PixaviFirefighting is a highly specialised field which requires high quality equipment. ISG Infrasys is one of the world's top designers and manufacturers of thermal imaging cameras (TICs) for the very purpose of firefighting.

Scott SafetyThe Scott Safety Thermal Imaging range was the first of its kind thermal in-mask system. Firefighters have used hand-held thermal imaging cameras since the 1990's to see through the thick smoke often encountered during fires.

Bartec PixaviFires and other hazardous environments pose unseen challenges and danger. Thermal imaging cameras by Dräger are valuable tools for orientation when fire, smoke, and darkness make navigation difficult. Designed to maintain your orientation to see where you are going as well as for finding persons or hotspots.

Dräger Thermal Imaging