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MSA Compressed Air Cylinders

MSA steel and composite compressed air cylinders meet a wide range of applications, needs, and budgets. Composite cylinders with aluminium liner, over wrapped with carbon and glass fibres, are 50% lighter than the traditional economic steel construction. MSA offers cylinder versions with 200 and 300 bar service pressure and 2 to 9 litre capacity. Additional safety is provided by a full choice of valve options such as integrated gauge, ratchet hand wheel to prevent unintended closing and flow restrictor in case of valve breakage. All cylinders are manufactured and CE marked in accordance with the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23 EC.

Cylinder Valves

MSA compressed air cylinders are equipped with cylindrical thread M18 x 1.5. The valves are approved according to EN 144. They are made of ductile high-performance chromed brass which is resistant to impact load of up to 200 Joule and temperatures of up to -40 °C. Furthermore MSA offers valves E17con with conical thread as spare part for steel cylinders.

Ratchet Hand Wheel

Cylinder valves with ratchet hand wheel, available as an option, avoid inadvertent valve closure which may occur in confined space environments. For closing the valve the hand wheel must be pulled and turned at the same time.

Flow Restrictor

The optional available flow restrictor prevents uncontrolled flow in case of valve breakage. It is screwed into the valve instead of the protective tube or sintered filter. Once the valve is broken a spring loaded piston nearly seals it and the air can escape slowly. The flow restrictor offers additional safety but does not interfere with the performance when not activated which may be important for inflating a rescue cushion. It can be retrofitted at any time.

Data Sheet

Ordering Information

Steel 2 l/300 bar D5103984 (empty) D5103964 (charged)
Steel 4 l/200 bar D5103985 (empty) D5103965 (charged)
Steel 6 l/300 bar D5103986 (empty) D5103967 (charged)
Steel 6 l/300 bar 10024010 (charged)
Steel 6 l/300 bar 10084896 (empty) 10015960 (charged)
Steel 6 l/300 bar 10010967 (empty)
Composite 2 l/300 bar D5103974 (empty) D5103969
Composite 2 l/300 bar 10032180 (empty)
Composite 3 l/300 bar 10058821 (empty) 10050853
Composite 6 l/300 bar D5103976 (empty) D5103947
Composite 6 l/300 bar 10029767
Composite 6 l/300 bar 10042070 (empty) 10083486
Composite 6.8 l/300 bar D5103979 (empty) D5103962
Composite 6.8 l/300 bar D5103980 (empty) D5103973
Composite 6.8 l/300 bar 10059153 (empty) 10015961
Composite 6.8 l/300 bar 10049967
Composite 6.8 l/300 bar 10100485
Composite 6.8 l/300 bar 10112739 (empty)
Composite 6.8 l/300 bar 10111447 (empty)
Composite 6.8 l/300 bar 10111448 (empty)
Composite 6.8 l/300 bar 10112738 (empty)
Composite 6.8 l/300 bar 10112740 (empty)
Composite 6.8 l/300 bar 10113769 (empty) 10113768 (charged)
Composite 6.8 l/300 bar 10118597 (empty) 10118596 (charged)
Composite 6.8 l/300 bar 10118598 (empty) 10118599 (charged)
Composite 6.9 l/300 bar 10055168 (empty) 10055167 (charged)
Composite 6.9 l/300 bar 10055170 (empty) 10055169 (charged)
Composite 6.9 l/300 bar 10072888 (empty) 10072889 (charged)
Composite 6.9 l/300 bar 10089911 (charged)
Composite 9 l/300 bar 10118149 (empty) 10118151

Other Spare Parts & Accessories

Flow restrictor D4071700
Sintered filter D4073903-SP
T-piece for 2 x 4 l/200 bar steel cylinders D4085817
T-piece for 2 x 6.8 l & 6.9 l/300 bar composite cylinders D4075818
Cover for composite cylinder Ø 156 mm, black D4075877
Cover for composite cylinder Ø 156 mm, yellow D4075878
Cover for composite cylinder Ø 156 mm, Nomex® 10088680

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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