3M Scott Safety Proflow SC Asbestos Powered Air Respirator 3M Scott Safety Proflow SC Asbestos Powered Air Respirator 3M Scott Safety Proflow SC Asbestos Powered Air Respirator

3M Scott Safety Proflow SC Asbestos Powered Air Respirator

The 3M Scott Safety Proflow SC Asbestos used in asbestos removal operations is a powered air purifying respirator.

Key Features

  • Electronically maintains a steady 160 l/min airflow
  • Simple recharging system takes only 6 hours
  • Typical 10 hours use from a single charge
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3M Scott Safety

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The CE-certified system incorporates two P3 high-efficiency particle filters and a full-face mask approved to class TM3. The system meets all European and national requirements for respirators to be used by asbestos workers.

Proflow SC Asbestos incorporates a downloadable data-logging function that automatically records usage and performance information - making record keeping much easier. The same electronics allow your Scott approved service centre to run diagnostic checks and provide full service history records.

Electronically Advanced

Proflow SC Asbestos is an electronically advanced powered air respirator. The high performance motor electronically maintains a steady 160 l/min airflow, ensuring user comfort and long use duration. The unit provides continous visible monitoring of battery status and filter blockage, with audible alarm in case of low battery or filter clogging to ensure the user is protected at all times. The NiMH high power battery provides typical 10 hour use from a single charge and fast recharge times.

High Performance Filtration

Proflow SC Asbestos utilises the proven Pro2000 filter range. Developed in the 3M Scott Safety Filtration Centre of Excellence, Pro2000 filters are produced in a technologically advanced robotics unit, to ensure filters are of the highest specification possible. Supported by the Scott Research and Development Unit, 3M Scott Safety filters undergo rigourous testing and improvement programmes.

Water Ingress Resistant

Proflow SC Asbestos has been designed to provide improved protection from water ingress, increasing the ease of decontamination. The blower unit has a shower proof construction, with improved seal efficiency between the blower and motor clamp. The air outlet area can be sealed with a hose attachment adaptor to ensure the unit is not contaminated when the hose is not connected.