3M Scott Safety Promask PP

3M Scott Safety Promask PP

The 3M Scott Safety Promask PP is available in 2 different sizes and will accommodate a wide range of facial shapes and sizes. The masks are positive pressure and feature a Butyl Rubber (ProcompTM) outer mask with reflex seal and silicone ori-nasal inner mask. The facepiece visor is single curvature and made of a scratch and impact resistant polycarbonate material with a flame-retardant coating and provides excellent panoramic vision. The visor is held in place by two U-shaped clamps.

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3M Scott Safety

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

The mask will allow the wearer to wear integrated spectacle frames, without compromising the facemask seal. The mask is available with either a five-point fully adjustable neoprene strap style harness or a two-point adjustable Polyester or KevlarTM net style harness. The facemask is available with either a five-point fully adjustable neoprene strap style harness, a two-point adjustable polyester or Kevlar™ net style harnesses or a clamping system for the Gallet F1 Helmet. The facemask features a left hand side bayonet connection for the demand valve. An option of an additional right quick-fit port to take a communications interface or a drinking adaptor is also available.

A speech diaphragm is mounted at the front of the mask to offer unimpeded speech transmission and there is a low resistance positive pressure exhalation valve that allows for normal breathing with no extra effort.


The Promask is specifically designed for use with the Scott range of breathing apparatus from the Professional Fire Fighting SCBA through to the Airline and Escape breathing apparatus range. In conjunction with Scott breathing apparatus it is suitable for providing respiratory protection in an IDLH environment.

Outer Mask - Butyl Rubber (ProcompTM)
Inner mask - Silicone
Head harness - 5 point Neoprene, net head harness in polyester or Kevlar material
Inhale valve flaps - Silicone
Exhale valve flaps - Polyisoprene rubber
Visor - Polycarbonate
Exhale valve housing - Polyamide
Exhale valve spring - Stainless Steel
Screws - Stainless Steel
Buckles - Polyamide
Demand Valve Port - Glass filled polyamide
Clamping System (optional) - Stainless steel brackets, plastic clamp mechanism
Packing specification - 23x17x13cm 1kg