Svantek SV 105BF

Svantek SV 105BF Triaxial Hand-Arm Accelerometer

The Svantek SV 105BF Triaxial Hand-Arm Accelerometer is is dedicated to Human Vibration measurements performed according to ISO 5349-2 with SV 106 six channel analyser. The SV 105BF also features a force sensors to detect the contact and to exclude periods of time when the tool is not in use.

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For in-situ checks and periodic verification of the SV 105BF the SA 105B adapter (option) is necessary. The accelerometer has TEDS memory that remembers the calibration factor transferred to SV 106A instrument. Accelerometer is supplied with three adapters to perfectly match the grip of different vibrating tools.

Each adapter includes an adjustable rubber strap for firm and comfortable attaching the accelerometer to the human’s hand. This solution significantly limits disturbances to the operator who doesn’t have to worry about holding the accelerometer.