Svantek SV258

Svantek SV 258 PRO Vibration & Noise Monitoring Station

The Svantek SV 258 PRO is dedicated for building vibration measurement that use methods based on Peak Particle Velocity and Dominant Frequency. The measurement of human vibration in buildings is possible as the program allows simultaneous measurement of velocity and acceleration of vibrations with two independent steps of recording. In addition, it is possible to enrich the measurement with Class 1 sound results.

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Users can use predifined settings compatible with commonly used standards such as DIN 4150-3 or BS 7385-2 or configure a criterion curve based on FFT or 1/3 Octave analysis in accordance with local standards.

The vibration time history in the form of WAV is stored for all three channels and is used for verification of vibration sources. Accurate post-analysis of the frequency content of the signal is available in the SvanPC ++ program.

The built-in GSM modem transmits measurement data to the SvanNET server where the user has access to current data, files with historical data and can also generate a measurement report. The system generates SMS and Email notifications as well as visual and audible alarms (optional alarm lamp). In addition to simple triggers from PPV or LEQ values, the you can configure alarms from standard curves (e.g. DIN 4150-3) or custom curves based on FFT or 1/3 octaves. It is possible to move the criterion curve up or down the scale so that the alarm is generated earlier or later. The time and value of the alarm are saved together to the memory of the meter.

SV  258  PRO is an outdoor monitoring system based on SVAN   958A Class 1 sound level meter. The portable and battery powered station can be used for a variety of monitoring applications including construction site monitoring, tunneling and blasting. The IP 65-rated case contains a lead-acid battery which operating time can be easily extended by connecting an external battery or small solar panel. The intelligent charging unit enables use of a solar panel without expensive controllers and heavy batteries.

The case is fitted with very robust, waterproof connectors (military standard) and comes with an IP 65 external power supply. The system uses a low-noise, hermetically sealed tri-axial piezoelectric accelerometer enabling the outdoor use without additional enclosures. The accelerometers' signal ground is insulated from the mounting surface and outer case to prevent ground loops. All accessories fit conveniently into a second carrying case.


SV 258 Pro Vibration monitoring station with SVAN 958A instrument and 3G remote communication including:
SVAN 958A Four channel Sound & Vibration Analyser
SM 258 Pro Outdoor monitoring station for SVAN 958A including 17Ah battery, SP 270 3G modem
SB 270 waterproof power supply
SC 278 Cable for SV 207B (SV 84) and SV 258
SV 207B Building vibration accelerometer and mounting adapter
SvanNet Web interface and connectivity support
SA 251 Carying case for accelerometer and accessories
SV 258 Pro - options:
SvanPC++_RC_1 Remote comms module (GPRS, LAN, WLAN) for the SvanPC+ software for first unit
SvanPC++_RC_2 Remote comms module (GPRS, LAN, WLAN) for the SvanPC+ software for second and next unit
SF 258_1 1/1 octave analysis for SV 258
SF 258_2 1/3 octave analysis for SV 258
SF 258_3 1/1 & 1/3 octave analysis for SV 258
SF 258_4 FFT analysis for SV 258
SV 258 Pro - accessories:
SV 208A Sound measurements set (MK 255 microphone, SV 12L Preamplifier, SA 277 outdoor microphone kit inc cables)
SV 111 Vibration calibrator for HVM
SV 33 Class 1 acoustic calibrator: 1000 Hz/114 dB
SB 272 External battery for SV 27x, SV 258 monitoring stations series SV 27x (33 Ah) including indoor charger
SB 271 Solar panel for SV 27x, SV 258 monitoring stations (40 W)
SC 277_EXTRA Cable length extension option for SV 12L (SA 277) and SV 277, price per 1 meter
SA 206 Mast with adjustable height from 1.5 meter to 4 meters (SA 21_45 included)
SV 258 Pro - spare parts:
SM 258 Lite Outdoor monitoring station for SVAN 958A including 17Ah battery, SB 270 power supply
SM 258 Pro Outdoor monitoring station for SVAN 958A including 17Ah battery, SP 270 3G modem, SB 270 power supply
SV 207B Building Vibration set (SV 84 Outdoor accelerometer, mounting adapter, cable not included)
SP 270 3G modem for SV 27x Pro stations
SC 278 Cable for SV 207B (SV 84) and SV 258
SB 270 Waterproof power supply for SV 27x
SA 251 Case for SV 207B, SB 270, cables and accessories