Svantek SVAN 958A

Svantek SVAN 958A Four Channels Sound & Vibration Analyser

The Svantek SVAN 958A Class 1 Four-channel Sound & Vibration Analyser is dedicated for all applications that require simultaneous class 1 sound and vibration assessment. Each of four input channels can be independently configured for sound or vibration detection with different filters and RMS detector time constants giving users an enormous measurement flexibility. The real advantage of SVAN 958A is the capability to perform advanced analysis simultaneously to the level meter mode. In practise this allows the user to obtain broad-band results such as Leq, RMS, LMax, LMin, LPeak together with four-channel analysis like FFT or octave band analysis.

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Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

List of available analyser functions includes FFT, 1/1 or 1/3 octave, cross spectra, sound intensity, RT 60 and more. The 4-channel time-domain signal recording to .wav format is available as well as an exceptional feature! All measurement results are stored in non-volatile 32 MB internal memory or USB memory stick and can be easily downloaded to a PC with SvanPC++ software. SVAN 958A with RS 232 interface (SV 55) can be offered with GPRS modem or LAN & WLAN connection module. Together with SvanPC++_RC remote communication software, these interfaces provide easy remote access to instrument settings & data over Internet and local area network.

Instrument is powered from four AA standard or rechargeable batteries as well as from the external DC power source or USB interface. Robust case and light weight design accomplish the exceptional features of this new generation instrument.


SVAN 958A 4 channels Sound & Vibration Meter
SVAN 958A_1 SVAN 958A including 1/1 & 1/3 octave analysis, FFT and Time domain signal recording
SV 958A_4 FFT analysis option
SV 958A_5 Reverberation time analysis (RT60) option
SV 958A_8 Rotation measurement option without Laser Tachometer
SVRPM_PROB Laser Tachometer with SC 74 cable
SV 958A_10 Acoustic dosimeter option (microphone not included)
SV 958A_15 Time domain signal recording option (to the USB Flash Disk, wav format)
SV 958A_17 Sound Intensity option, FFT base (Probe not included)
SV 958A_19 Cross-spectra option
SV 12L Microphone preamplifier IEPE/ICP for the SVAN 95x, SVAN 977
SV 207B Building Vibration set (SV 84 Outdoor accelerometer, mounting adapter, cable not included)
SV MK 255 Microtech Gefell Prepolarised condenser microphone cartridge 1/2' (stainless steel microphone), 50 mV/Pa
SV 25 Dosimeter microphone with integrated preamplifier and cable
SV 38 Whole-Body Seat Accelerometer for SVAN 958/A instrument
SV 40AZ G.R.A.S. prepolarised microphone cartridge 1/2" / 50 mV (infrasound)
SV 48 Voltage to IEPE (ICP) converter for the SVAN 958/A including SC 84 & SC 85
SV 50GI G.R.A.S. sound intensity probe (IEPE)
SV 55 RS232 interface option for the SVAN 95x except SVAN 954 (SC 55 not included)
SV 56 IrDA interface option for the SVAN 95x except SVAN 954
SV 60 Sound Measurements set (MK 255 microphone, SV 12L preamplifier, SA 08 goose neck and SA 22 windscreen)
SV 84 Triaxial outdoor accelerometer 1000 mV/g, connector M12, M6 mounting hole
SV 111 Vibration calibrator for HVM
SC 09 LEMO 1 pin to BNC cable for SVAN 958/A
SC 26 Extension cable TNC (plug) to TNC (socket) (3 m)
SC 27 TNC (plug) to TNC (plug) coil cable (2 m)
SC 38 4 pin Microtech to LEMO 4 pin cable (2.7 m) (for SV3023M2, SV3233A, SV3143M1)
SC 39P LEMO 4 pin (plug) to 3 x BNC sockets cable (0.7 m)
SC 49 LEMO 4 pin (plug) to 3 x TNC sockets (0.7 m)
SC 281 Cable for SV 84 accelerometer and SV 212 (5 m)
SC 282 Cable for SV 84 accelerometer and SVAN 958/A (5 m)
SA 08 Microphone preamplifier holder - goose neck (TNC - TNC)
SA 15 Power supply unit for SVAN 95x, SVAN 912AE, SV 06A/08A, SVAN 943B/948/949
SA 17A External battery unit (6 x AA batteries) for the SVAN 95x series except SVAN 954
SA 22 Windscreen for 1/2" microphone
SA 38 Calibration adapter for SV 38/38V and SV 100/101
SA 47 Carrying bag for SVAN 95x and accessories (fabric material)
SA 48 Carrying case for SVAN 958/A and accessories (waterproof) by PROTECTOR
SA 154 Calibration adapter for SV 84
SA 270D Desiccator for outdoor protection kits SA271, SA277, SA279
SA 277 Outdoor protection kit for SVAN 958A microphone (microphone, desiccator and cable not included)