TSI Quest BA-202 Bio-Acoustic Simulator

TSI Quest BA-202 Bio-Acoustic Simulator

The TSI Quest Bio-Acoustic Simulator BA-202 offers customers a flexible and simple solution for daily audiometer verification. This reliable device saves time and money by eliminating the need for a test subject to help perform a daily biological check of the audiometer.

Key Features

  • Performs quick, easy audiometer testing to help ensure accurate patient assessments
  • Available in specialized versions designed to meet specific OSHA or ANSI requirements
  • No need to use a human test subject to perform daily biological checks
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TSI Quest

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

  • • Powered by battery or optional power adapter, dependent on application
  • • Can be used as a portable tabletop unit or permanent wall-mount assembly
  • • Compatible with manual, automatic and microprocessor audiometers for biological testing of earphones

The Bio-Acoustic Simulator with Octave Monitor for OSHA level verifications BA-202-25 kit includes instrument, QE7052 1/2 inch microphone, 53-945 preamp & cable assembly and 59-995 Response Cable.

  • BA-202 For biological calibrations - includes 59-995 Response Cable

  • BA-202-25 For OSHA level verifications - includes QE7052 1/2 inch microphone, 53

Accessories and Replacement Parts

  • 053-945 ASSY, TYPE 2 PREAMP BA-202-25

  • 056-317 QE 7052/ACO 7052


  • 015-910 Universal Power Supply 120V/9V 1A MIN

  • 015-680 Kit Universal Power Supply 220V/9V 1AMin

Calibration and Repair
  • CA-BA-202 BA-202 Accredited Calibration

  • RA-BA-202 BA-202 Accredited Repair & Calibration

  • RS-BA-202 BA-202 Standard Repair & Calibration

  • CS-BA-202 BA-202 Standard Calibration

  • CA-BA-202-25 BA-202-25 Accredited Calibration

  • RA-BA-202-25 BA-202-25 Accredited Repair & Cal

  • RS-BA-202-25 BA-202-25 Standard Repair & Calibration

  • CS-BA-202-25 BA-202-25 Standard Calibration