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Pulsar Models 50 & 70 Series Digital Sound Level Meters

  Simple and user friendly
  Compact with robust construction
  Compliance to all the appropriate standards

Industrial and environmental sound monitoring situations have exacting requirements of sound level meters. That is why Pulsar Instruments produce the Series 5 & 7 digital sound level meters that are designed to meet the needs of the professional whilst being simple and user friendly enough for the new user. The use of simple switches for most functions means that making initial measurements and flicking between different settings is child's play, there are no complex menus to learn and switching between different frequency and time weightings is as easy as turning on a light.

Pulsar sound level meters are housed in durable die-cast metal cases, this minimises the effects of electro-magnetic radiation and makes them robust enough to withstand industrial and factory environments. Pulsar sound level meters are either Type 1 or Type 2 dependant upon the microphone used. Type 1 instruments have a removable preamplifier and so have the added convenience of being able to use them with an extension cable. This is recommended as an extension cable prevents interference of sound waves that are reflected off the user and the casing of the sound level meter, thus increasing accuracy.

Pulsar sound level meters conform to all the appropriate British, European and International standards. The Type 1 instruments conform to the precision grade whilst the Type 2 to the general-purpose grade of IEC 60651 or IEC 60804. Filters used in the octave analyser also conform to the relevant standards.

Pulsar Instruments have been at the forefront of sound level meter design and construction for over 30 years, making them one of the oldest manufacturers in the world. Whatever your needs may be, there is an instrument in the series to suit them, from a reputable and respected company.


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