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Pulsar Model 80 Series (Assessor Range) Integrating Sound Level Meters Overview

The Assessor Range of high performance instruments appeal to a user requiring an affordable, simple to use meter whilst complying with international standards.

Using the Assessor instruments and optional Analyser software package noise measurement and risk assessments have never been quicker or easier.

All unnecessary features and options are removed to leave the user with an instrument they can use with total confidence and the minimum of training.

Making a measurement couldn't be easier, simply switch the unit on and the Assessor starts measuring. To complete the measurement press the 'Stop' button and everything needed for your assessment is displayed on one screen.

A unique feature of the Assessor range is an exposure table allowing you to instantly determine the duration a person can work in a specific area before exposure levels or legal limits are exceeded.

If manual reporting is your preferred method then the non data logging instruments are an affordable and ideal solution. For those preferring the benefits of computer technology the exceptional 'Assessor Extra Upgrade' gives the instrument the ability to store measurements and quickly transform your data into informative, professional reports.


  The most simple to use, cost effective, compliant instruments of their kind
  Ideal for quick, accurate measurements to IEC61672-1:2002 Class 2 (Class 1 also available)
  Choice of six user friendly instruments to suit your needs and budget
  Only four buttons on basic unit
  Unique 'Exposure Table' displayed after measurement
  Automatic Calibration function
  Automatically pre programmed for Industrial / Occupational Noise
  Helpful on screen LAeq 'settled' indicator
  Robust die cast case and large clear display
  Essential information displayed on one screen
  Effective LED mode indicator for C-A and Octave Band instruments
  Compatible with the outstanding Pulsar Analyser software package

Measurement Kits

Instruments can be supplied as a complete measurement kit to ensure you have all of the accessories necessary to perform your noise survey. The Noise Measurement kits include the Sound Level Meter, Acoustic Calibrator, Windshield, Hard Attache Case, Wrist Strap, Analyser Software (for upgrade versions), Operating Manuals, Certificates of Calibration, Download Cable and Batteries.


The Assessor range focuses on one main purpose and that is for compliance with International Industrial Noise Directives. This mindset has produced an extremely effective noise measurement tool for the busy Health & Safety Professional, Industrial Hygienist, Consultant,Manager, Supervisor, Technician or Engineer.

Typical noisy industries include: Manufacturing, Construction, Utilities (Water, Gas & Electricity), Local Authority / Government, Food, Shipping, Entertainment / Leisure, Education / Higher Learning, Highway Maintenance, Haulage / Transport, Rail, Agriculture, Aviation, Public Transport, Emergency Service (Hospitals, Fire, Police), Chemical,Mining, Printing and Catering.

For noisy environments, where noise control would be difficult, accurate prescription of suitable personal hearing protection can be made by:

  HML or SNR Methods (Models 82CA & 81CA)
  1:1 Octave band Method (Models 84 & 83)

Please select a model below to view product information:

Models 82A/81A

Models 82CA/81CA

Models 84/83

If you are unsure of which model would suit your requirements, please click here for our comparison chart.

80 Series Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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