Electrothermal is an Essex-based company which was founded in 1941. The company has become a specialist in precisely controlled heating and cooling applications. The Electrothermal brand is now part of the Bibby Scientific group, which also incorporates Jenway, Stuart and Techne.

The wide and extensive Electrothermal range includes uncontrolled, controlled, stirring and spill-proof heating mantles, in a range of various capacities. Along with the heating mantle range, Electrothermal also designs and manufactures controllers and extraction products, which include the Macro- and Micro-Kjeldahl equipment. For measurement and control of the reaction processes and parallel synthesis, the STEM range of versatile reaction blocks and stations are perfect. Not limited to products for the laboratory, Electrothermal also manufacture cutting edge water and ration heating equipment for the modern military forces around the world, where troops in the field can heat their water and food for themselves in specialist conditions using reaction stations.

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