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Carbolite Carbolite is a UK based world leading manufacturer and supplier of a range of elite laboratory chamber/box & tube furnaces & laboratory & industrial furnaces, ovens & incubators. The extensive portfolio offered by Carbolite includes both elite laboratory chamber/box furnaces & laboratory tube furnaces to 1800degC. Tube furnaces are available as single or multi-zone, horizontal/vertical, split & rotating models. A wide variety of tube diameters & tube heated lengths is available.

Carbolite Chamber Furnaces
Carbolite GLO Annealing Furnaces
Carbolite HRF Air Recirculating Ovens
Carbolite AAF-BAL Ashing Furnaces
Carbolite AAF Ashing Furnaces (3 & 7l)
Carbolite AAF Ashing Furnaces (18 & 32l)
Carbolite ABF Afterburner Ashing Furnaces
Carbolite GSM Ashing Furnaces
Carbolite GPC General Purpose Industrial Chamber Furnaces
Carbolite HB Top Hat Furnaces
Carbolite LCF Large Industrial Chamber Furnaces
Carbolite SBCF Static or Bogie Chamber Furnaces
Carbolite GPCMA Modified Atmosphere Chamber Furnaces
Carbolite BLF High Temperature Bottom Loading Furnaces
Carbolite CWF Laboratory Chamber Furnaces
Carbolite ELF Laboratory Chamber Furnaces
Carbolite HTF High Temperature Chamber Furnaces
Carbolite RHF High Temperature Laboratory Furnaces
Carbolite RWF Rapid Heating Chamber Furnaces
Carbolite VCF Top Loading Chamber Furnaces
Carbolite Tube Furnaces
Carbolite EZS-3G Gradient Tube Furnace
Carbolite HZS-2G Gradient Tube Furnace
Carbolite HTR Rotary Reactor Tube Furnaces
Carbolite RHST & RHZS Rotating Horizontal Split Tube Furnaces
Carbolite EST & EZS Compact Horizontal Split Tube Furnaces
Carbolite EVT & EVZ Compact Vertical Split Tube Furnaces
Carbolite FST & FZS Split Tube Furnaces (up to 1300°C)
Carbolite HST & HZS Horizontal Split Tube Furnaces
Carbolite HTRV-A Split Tube Furnaces (up to 1700°C)
Carbolite KST & KZS Large Horizontal Split Tube Furnaces
Carbolite KVT & KVZ Large Vertical Split Tube Furnaces
Carbolite VST & TVS Vertical Split Tube Furnaces
Carbolite AZ Eight Zone Tube Furnace
Carbolite CTF 12 & TZF 12 Wire Wound Tube Furnaces
Carbolite EHA & EHC Compact Horizontal Tube Furnaces
Carbolite EVA & EVC Compact Vertical Tube Furnaces
Carbolite FHA & FHC Tube Furnaces (up to 1350°C)
Carbolite GHA & GHC Modular Horizontal Tube Furnaces
Carbolite GVA & GVC Modular Vertical Tube Furnaces
Carbolite HTRH-GR Graphite Tube Furnaces
Carbolite HTRH & HTRH-3 High Temperature Horizontal Tube Furnaces
Carbolite HTRV High Temperature Vertical Tube Furnaces
Carbolite MTF Wire Wound Single Zone Tube Furnaces
Carbolite STF & TZF Tube Furnaces (up to 1600°C)

Nabertherm Nabertherm has over 300 employees all around the world who have combined their skills and experience to produce a large range of furnaces and ovens for all types of laboratory and industrial application for over 50 years. Over 150,000 customers spread between 100 countries can all testify to the quality of Nabertherm products.

Genlab Since 1961, Genlab has been designing and manufacturing ovens, incubators and associated thermal products for laboratory, workshop and general commercial applications. Genlab products are known for their quality, performance and engineering excellence, whilst remaining cost competitive with commendable price performance ratios.

Binder The leading brand of flawless simulation of chemical, biological and physical environmental conditions is undoubtedly Binder. The Binder range of ovens and chambers comprehensively covers all types of routine applications and also highly technical and specific tasks, taking pride in providing unique precision in both areas. Many of the technological advances made in temperature chambers on an international basis can trace their routes back to Binder. Binder hold many patents for this technology and the Binder customer list boasts some of the most well known companies in over 100 different counties.

Stuart The Stuart range of benchtop science equipment for laboratories comprises over 100 products including block heaters, blood tube rotators, colony counters, hotplates, stirrers, rockers and shakers, rotary evaporators and water baths. Stuart are also market leaders in melting point apparatus and water stills, with the Aquatron and Merit ranges. All Stuart scientific products are designed, manufactured and marketed in an ISO9001:2000 environment in our ultra modern factory. Every step from new product development to after sales service follows documented and traceable procedures. The result is a quality focused culture committed to total customer satisfaction.