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Met One QbD1200 Laboratory Total Organic Carbon Analyser

The low total cost of ownership and easy TOC analysis are just two of the things that make the Met One QbD1200 such a fantastic piece of equipment.

The setup process is now easier than ever, making the reliability of your results higher than ever. You no longer have to throw away your first replicate, as the QbD1200 has 95% less carryover.

The QbD1200 doesn't suffer fromi inconsistent results, with 2% standard deviation at 50 ppm and 3% at 100 ppb.

Users can enjoy annual servicing rather than monthly servicing, so you can wave goodbye to regular maintenance.

Calibration has also been made simple, with only 90 mins needed for a calibration routine, rather than all day.

Data Sheet


  Accuracy:± 2 %
  Calibration Interval:1 Year; Time to Calibrate 90 Minutes
  Calibration Method:Automated Routine: 18 Point Calibration Using KHP (6 Concentrations, 3 Replicates Each)
  Carrier Gas Options:CO2 free Air, O2, or N2
  Compliance:USP <643> (including Sterile Water SST), JP-16 <2.59>, EP <2.2.44>, IP, CP, KP, US EPA 5310c and 415.3
  Data Export:PDF, CSV
  Dimensions (H x W X D):410 mm x 320 mm x 507 mm
  Display Type:10.4 inch Hi-Res Color Touch Screen
  Inorganic Carbon Handling:No extra Inorgainc Carbon Removal Module needed
  Overload Recovery:1 Measurement
  Oxidation Method:UV Lamp + Persulfate
  Power Requirements (Hz):47 - 63 Hz
  Power Requirements (Voltage):100/240 VAC
  Precision:3% or 3ppb, whichever is greater
  Range:0.4 ppb - 100 ppm
  Sample to Sample Carryover:<0.2%

Met One is now known as Beckman Coulter.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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