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PD Devices LVA415-5 Low Voltage Arrester

The LVA415-5 surge protection device utilises proven metal oxide technology and is designed for use on AC or DC supply lines as an effective means of providing protection against lightning and switching induced overvoltages.

  Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage Uc 415Vrms
  Rated Voltage Ur 500vrms
  Temporary Overvoltage Utov 500 vrms minimum
  Energy Withstand (E) 600j 10/1000us Impulse
  Nominal Discharge Current In 5kA 8/20us Impulse
  Residual Voltage at Nominal Discharge Current In 1.8kV
  Residual Voltage at 10kA 1.9kV
  Leakage Current at Uc <0.1mA
  Maximum Discharge Current Imax 30kA 8/20us Impulse
  Reference Voltage Uref >670V at 1mAdc
  High Current Ihc 65kA 4/10us Impulse
  Supply Frequency 48 - 62Hz
  Creepage 80mm
  Mass .320g
  Housing Material UV Stable ABS
  Mounting Interior - Any Orientation
  Terminations Brass M8
  Tightening Torque TBA
  Part Code: LVA415-5

To complement the above, the LVA series can be supplied in a variety of Continuous Operating Voltages - details available on request.

TOP and BOTTOM FIXING ACCESSORIES - A range of fixing accessories are available to suit most applications - details available on request.

Standard References - IEC61643-11 and IEC60099-4:2004 + A2:2009.

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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