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Pipe Clamps For Hazardous Areas

  For use in hazardous areas Ex zones 1 and 2 (gases, vapours, mists) as well as Ex zones 21 and 22 (dusts)
  Tested according to explosion group IIB
  Time-saving installation - no need to deactivate systems/areas for welding or drilling works

So far equipotential bonding and lightning equipotential bonding of pipes in explosion-hazardous areas has been implemented by means of welded or threaded bushing connections. Using clamps was only permitted if evidence of no ignition sparking in case of lightning current loading was provided. Such proof has now been rendered for a pipe clamp by DEHN.

In compliance with and tested according to EN 50164-1 title English: Lightning Protection Components (LPC) - Part 1: Requirements for connection components in a potentially explosive atmosphere (clamps and connectors), the sample passed the test for no occurrence of ignition sparks at a lightning current loading of up to 50 kA (10/350 ��s). This novel, patented pipe clamp for hazardous areas not only ensures the safe electrical contact by means of two contact clips, but also the adequate mechanical fixing by an electrically insulated clamping body.

The Ex pipe clamp provides following connection possibilities:

- Round conductors made of Cu, St/tZn, Al, StSt with O8 mm or stranded copper conductors, cross section 16-35 mm2, with E-Cu crimping cable lug (DIN 46235)

- Flat copper conductors with minimum dimensions of 20x2.5 mm and a bore of O10.5 mm


Ordering Information

  Type EX BRS 27 - 540 821
  Type EX BRS 90 - 540 801
  Type EX BRS 300 - 540 803
  Type EX BRS 500 - 540 805
  Separate clamping body - 540 810
  Tensioning Strap - 540 901
  DSFS - 920 000
  Pipe Clamps for Roof Poles - 410 212 and 410 300
  Conductor Holders for Roof Poles - 425 076 and 425 089

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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