Crowcon is a specialist in the development and manufacture of economical, reliable and innovative gas detection equipment. Formed in 1970, Crowcon has grown into one of the world's leading companies in this field, designing many excellent instruments for flammable and toxic gas detection. Many different industry sectors have benefited from Crowcon's gas detectors including oil and gas, public utilities, clean water, sewage, construction companies, fire services and many more. In short, Crowcon products are often found in organisations where the inadvertent leakage of gas or vapours has the potential to develop into a toxic or explosive danger.

Crowcon gas detectors are not just for the detection of a single gas, as there are many multi-gas monitors also available. Also, Crowcon manufacture both portable and fixed detection equipment. In addition to gas detectors for primarily safety applications, Crowcon also manufacture the Tempest 50 and Tempest 100 which are both flue gas analysers and also the Gas-Tec which is a landfill gas analyser.

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