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Micronics Portaflow SE

The Portaflow SE is a Portable Clamp-On liquid flow meter, which operates over a pipe range of 50mm to 1000mm ID The keypad and software controlling the Menu Driven Set up and operating procedures have been designed to be user friendly by simplifying the functionality of the measurement process. Reducing the cost of constructing the electronics and the sensor hardware, without compromising the performance and reliability of the Portaflow 300 SE, Micronics is able to offer this Portable flow meter at an extremely competitive price.

Programming is menu driven via a simple 16 key Tactile Membrane with data being displayed on a large LC graphics screen that can be backlit continuously, if required, in unfavourable lighting conditions. Flow Rate and flow totalisation are available continuously while the instrument is in flow reading mode and a simple key selection allows the user to change units of both the flow rate and the total volume. Date, Time, Battery condition and Signal level are always displayed in flow mode with various error messages that flash up on screen if the instrument's operation or flow conditions become unacceptable.

Real Time flow data can be viewed as a graph or as text while set up information and Diagnostics data are available by reverting to the main menu.

A built-in Data logger is a key feature of the Portaflow SE, which has the capacity to log and store up to 50,000 data points at programmed intervals of 5 seconds up to 1hr. Stored data can be downloaded via the RS232 port to a windows based PC for evaluation in real time or can be stored for downloading at a later date. Up to 20 different sites can be individually named and stored in blocks of data that can be interrogated as and when required. Logging data can be set to commence or cease storing information at any future date or time. For those who wish to use an external data logger, a 0/4-20mA flow proportional output is also available.

Micronics have a customised software package (Portagraph) that can be run on any Microsoft operating programme and is available as an optional extra that can be purchased direct from our Web site. Free demonstration software can also be downloaded from the Web for evaluation before purchasing.

One set of sensors is supplied for measurements in Reflex or Diagonal Mode using the hardware provided; the mode of operation being application dependant. A set of high velocity sensors is available as an optional extra in order to extend the use of reflex operation or cope with very high velocity flows.

The Portaflow SE can be operated from its internal rechargeable batteries- having up to 10 hours of full operational life-from external 90/260v AC mains or from12/24vDC batteries via an optional charger/adaptor.

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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