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Gresswell Valves Index

Gresswell Valves was founded in Birmingham in the 1930's by the Hayes family and built a reputation for a wide range of quality valves and related products.

Gresswell Valves have been providing an essential supply of pressure safety/relief valves to industry for almost 80 years. Manufactured in bronze and stainless steel with a wide range of pressure settings (0.3 - 21 bar) Gresswell Valves can be supplied to various specifications to provide safety from potentially lethal over pressure, e.g. boiler systems, pumps, shipping, oil and gas industries and enclosed pressurised systems.

General Purpose Pressure Relief Valves

G36 General Purpose Pressure Relief Valves
G55 General Purpose Pressure Relief Valves
G90 General Purpose Pressure Relief Valves
FIG134 and FIG134EL General Purpose Pressure Relief Valves

High & Full Lift Safety Relief Valves

G100 High Lift Safety Relief Valves
S2000 and S2000DT Full Lift Safety Relief Valves
S2000SS and S2000SSDT Full Lift Safety Relief Valves

Open Discharge Pressure Relief Valves

FIG133 Open Discharge Pressure Relief Valves
FIG124 Open Discharge Pressure Relief Valves

In Line Discharge Pressure Relief Valves

FIG140 In-line Pressure Relief Valves
FIG141 In-line Pressure Relief Valves
FIG142 In-line Pressure Relief Valves

Liquid Relief Valves

FIG160 Liquid Relief Valves

High Pressure Relief Valves

FIG154 High Pressure Relief Valves
FIG234 High Pressure Relief Valves
FIG236 High Pressure Relief Valves
FIG254 High Pressure Relief Valves

Anti-Vacuum Valves

FIG400 Anti-Vacuum Valves
FIG400SS Anti-Vacuum Valves

Vacuum & Pressure Relief Valves

FIG170 Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valves

Pedal Valves

FIG550 Pedal Operated Globe Valves

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Gemu Index

For the handling of inert and corrosive media GEMU can provide the right individual valve, measurement and control system, incorporating the most up-to-date designs presently available.

GEMU products are characterized by their modern and soundly based construction. The commercial success of GEMU products has been based on their development "know-how", the application of the latest methods of manufacture using modern machine tools, conscientious quality control and a market-oriented policy. GEMU offers a wide range of valve and measurement systems for every type of application.

Diaphragm Valves

Globe & Control Valves

Butterfly Valves

Ball Valves

Solenoid Valves

High Purity Valves & Flowmeters

Measurement Systems, Indicators & Controllers

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Micronics Index

Micronics are specialists in Flow Meters-with a tradition of innovation and a well established world position.

Micronics Ltd commenced trading in 1985 and was set up to design and market "Clamp-On" ultrasonic liquid flow meters for industry and commerce.


Portaflow 440IP
Portaflow 330
Portaflow 220


Ultraflo 1000
Ultraflo 3000/4000
Ultraflo D5000
UF AV5000

Heat Meters



Portaflow 300
Portaflow SE
Portaflow 216
Portaflow 204 Plus
Ultraflo 2000

Casella Measurement Index

Casella Measurement was established during the reign of King George III, in 1799, by Cesare Tagliabue. A few years later, Louis Pascal Casella joined Cesare in partnership and the brand name of Casella was born. In these years, instruments to aid navigation, exploration, meteorological, medical research and photographic were invented and exported all over the world. A notable name on Casella's early customer list was Charles Darwin who used many Casella instruments in his research.

During the 19th century, the product range continued growing and Casella even exhibited at the first "Great Exhibition" held in Crystal Palace, Hyde Park, London in 1851. Products on show included theodolites and surveying equipment.

The two world wars of the 20th century saw Casella's expertise put to good use. Casella's specialisation in compasses, optics and photogrammetry equipment was used by the military in both wars. By the time the 1950s began, Casella had progressed into producing equipment for dust monitoring to be used by the deep mining industry.

Three other significant years included 1952 when Casella invented the first ever personal sampling pump, 1972 with the world's first electronic digitial integrating noise meter and 1993 when Casella launched the world's first real-time noise analysing device.

In 2006, Casella was taken over by an American company called Ideal Industries Inc. The long term future of Casella is to continue developing high quality instruments for the environmental and industrial markets, complementing the electrical, test and measurement instruments which Ideal Industries Inc develop. Soon after the takeover, Casella launched the CEL-350 Micro Noise Dosimeter, with a full array of features but contained within a smaller unit, making it perfect for use by customers such as industrial hygienists.

For the full range of Casella Measurement products, please click here.

Flow Meters

Defender 510/520 Digital Flow Meters

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