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Micronics ULTRAFLO D5000

Non-Contacting Doppler Flow Meter - Simple, Non-Contacting Flow Meter for Accurate Flow Measurement from Outside a Pipe

  User-Friendly Calibration
  Password Protected
  Isolated 4-20mA Output
  2 Control Relays
  Digital Signal Processing
  Optional Intrinsic Safety

Doppler Flow Meters monitor the flow rate of dirty or aerated liquids including: wastewater, chemicals, acids, slurries, abrasives and viscous liquids. Recommended for full pipes and any fluid that contains solids or bubbles.

The UF D5000 strap-on sensor is mounted on the outside of a plastic or metal pipe 12.7 mm diameter or larger. To measure flow an acoustic signal is reflected back to the sensor from moving particles or gas bubbles suspended in the fluid. Installation is easy - without shutting down the flow system. No contact is made with the moving fluid and no pipe cutting or drilling is required. There is no fouling or scale build-up on the sensor.

The UF D5000 Doppler Flow Meter includes an ultrasonic sensor, a simple 5-key calibration system, a large digital flow rate display with totalizer, isolated 4-20mA output and two programmable control relays. Data logger and intrinsically safe sensor are optional.

Designed for "Difficult" Liquids - The UF D5000 Doppler Flow Meter works best in applications that would defeat regular contacting flow meters. Because the Sensor is mounted on the outside of the pipe, it is unaffected by abrasives or harsh chemicals. There is no obstruction to flow and no pressure drop.

Easy to Install - Each UF D5000 Doppler Flow Meter includes a strap-on ultrasonic sensor, an adjustable stainless steel mounting clamp and sensor coupling compound. The sensor fits on the outside of any pipe diameter 12.7 mm or larger. It takes just a few minutes to install. There is no need to shut down flow.

Simple, Single-Head Sensor Design - Ultrasonic signals are transmitted and received from a single-head sensor. The mounting clamp (included) ensures correct sensor alignment on horizontal or vertical pipes. The UF D5000 automatically self-tunes to the cable length up to 150 m (500 ft).

Works on Most Pipes - The UF D5000 Doppler Flow Meter measures flow in PVC, carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, fiberglass and lined pipes... any pipe material that conducts ultrasound. Doppler signals cannot transmit through pipe walls which contain air pockets (e.g. concrete or wood), or loose pipe liners (with an air gap between the liner and pipe wall).

NEW - Backlit Matrix Display with Simple, 5-key Menu System - Calibration is easy with the new UF D5000 user-friendly menu system. Press the arrow keys to scroll through menus, change settings and enter calibration values. You can select English, French or Spanish menus, enable a password to protect settings and control brightness of the digital display.

NEW - Reverse Flow Measurement - The UF D5000 measures flow in either direction and displays positive or negative values. You can control the Totalizer to subtract reverse flow, or to totalize forward flow only. The 4mA setting can also be adjusted to a negative flow setting.

NEW - Optional Data Logger with USB Thumb Drive Support - Order your UF D5000 Doppler Flow Meter with an optional built-in 2 million point data logger. It includes Windows software to display flow charts and tables and to create dynamic flow reports. Just plug in a standard USB flash drive and log files are downloaded automatically - and fast!

Principle of Operation - The UF D5000 Sensor transmits continuous high frequency sound through the pipe wall into the flowing liquid. Sound is reflected back to the Sensor from particles or gas bubbles in the liquid. If the liquid is flowing, the reflected sound returns at an altered frequency (the Doppler effect). The UF D5000 continuously measures this frequency shift to accurately measure flow.

Enhanced Signal Processing for Reliable Accuracy - The UF D5000 Doppler flow algorithm filters out background noise and interference. The digital signal processor discriminates against weak and distorted signals. When the processor cannot measure accurately the meter will display zero flow and indicate low signal confidence.

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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