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Watson Smith Type 122 Modular (I/P) Pilot Booster

The 122 Pilot Booster I/P converter is MADE PURELY FOR SPECIFIC CUSTOMER SOLUTION WHO REQUIRE AN INTEGRATED I/P FOR POSITIONER CONTROL that includes proven moving coil and flapper/nozzle technology.

With a built in flow regulator to minimize supply pressure effects.

Available in a variety of packages including Explosion Proof enclosures for incorporation into OEM products.

  Low Cost OEM I/P
  Valve Positioner Pilot
  Compact and Rugged
  Specific Application Customising
  Wide Supply Range Available

Typical Applications

Any industry requiring higher flows or pressures, i.e Pulp and Paper, Water treatment, Food and Beverage for positioning control valves.

Hazardous Area Certification

The Type 120 can be supplied certified for use in intrinsically safe and flameproof applications, to CENELEC, FM and CSA requirements.

Ordering Information

Options to special order:

Standard 1/8" ported base
Alternative pressure ranges
Optional Enclosures
Orientation and Application Specific Calibration set-up

Find out more by reading our data sheet below:

Data Sheet

Ordering Information

DDW010 122/4-20MA/3-15PSI/O/P BLEED ATEX IS
DDW210 122/4-20MA/0.2-1BAR/O/P BLEED ATEX IS

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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