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Type 140 Electronic Converter


 Advanced electronic control
 ATEX certified
 Explosion proof and Intrinsically safe
 Complete Electronics Modularity For Ease of Maintenance
 Jack Socket for On-site Monitoring
 Fail-Safe (unit pressure falls to zero on signal failure)
 Field replaceable filter

General Description

The 140 proportional I/P converter uses advanced closed loop solid-state electronic control to achieve accurate, high resolution pressure control. It is available in intrinsically safe and Type n versions and its vibration immunity and IP66 weatherproof rating
make it ideal for field application.


Technical Data
*Supply Pressure 1.2-10bar (18-150psig); minimum 3psi above max output pressure
*Output Signal 0.2-1bar (3-15psig)
*Air Supply Oil free, dry air, min filtered to 50 microns; Internal in-built air filter
*Flow Capacity > 300Nl/min (12scfm)
*Air Consumption < 2.5 Nl/min (0.025scfm) at 50% signal
*Instrument Accuracy mean <0.1%
*Independent Linearity mean <0.05% of span
*Hysteresis, Resolution & Deadband mean <0.05% of span
*Temperature Effect Typically less than 0.035% span/ °C between -40°C to +85°C
*Supply Sensitivity Less than 0.1% of span over full supply pressure range.
*Connections 1/4" NPT standard (others available on request)
*Calibration Independent control of 0% and 100% set points. Adjustable by potentiometers up to 20% of output range. Unit is factory calibrated to within 1% of span.
*Fail-Safe Signal falls to below 15mbar (0.2psig) in < 2sec, when input signal fails.
*Tight Shut-off Control Potentiometer sets input signal failure at 3.5mA.
*Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
*Weatherproofing IP66, Type 4X
*Vibration Output pressure changes less than 3% for vibration amplitude 4mm 5-15Hz, 2g 15- 150Hz
*Electromagnetic Compatibility Compliant with EC requirements EN 50081-2:1994(Emissions) and EN50082-2:1995(Immunity)
*Material of Construction Aluminium and zinc diecasting with nitrile diaphragms, black epoxy powder coating standard
*Mass 2.07Kg
*Maintenance Modular Electronics and in-built filter offered as field replaceable parts
*Mounting Position Integral bracket allows for surface or 50mm pipe mounting in any orientation. Designed for mounting with 57-73mm pitch U bolts.
*Electrical Signal 4-20mA (two wire) Terminal voltage <6.5V
*Min Operating Current >3.5mA
*Overload Protection 100mA max overload current
*Insulation Resistance >100MOhm at 850Vdc, electrical terminals to case
*Connections 1/2” NPT or M20 via adapter; internal terminal block with capacity up to 2.5mm2 cable

All instruments are tested on the Watson Smith Automatic Testing System and an individual test certificate is provided at no extra charge. Each unit is tested for linearity, hysteresis, total error, settling error, over pressure, air consumption, response time, calibration, insulation, start-up current, supply sensitivity and voltage load.


TYPE 140 Brochure

TYPE 140 Manual

Ordering Information

EX14001BJ4EE1 140/4-20MA/0.2-1BAR/1/2"NPT/1/4" BSP ATEX/FM/CSA - IS/XP/NI
EX14001BJ4LE2 140/4-20MA/0.2-1BAR/M20/1/4" BSP ATEX IS/XP/NI
EX14001BK4EE1 140/4-20MA/0.2-1BAR/1/2"NPT/1/4" NPT ATEX/FM/CSA - IS/XP/NI
EX14001BK4LE2 140/4-20MA/0.2-1BAR/M20/1/4"NPT ATEX IS/XP/NI
EX14001GK4EE1 140/4-20MA/0.2-1KGCM2/1/2"NPT/1/4"NPT ATEX/FM/CSA - IS/XP/NI
EX14001PJ4LE2 140/4-20MA/3-15PSI/M20/1/4" BSP ATEX IS/XP/NI
EX14001PK4EE1 140/4-20MA/3-15PSI/1/2"NPT/1/4" NPT ATEX/FM/CSA - IS/XP/NI
EX14001PK4LE2 140/4-20MA/3-15PSI/M20/1/4" NPT ATEX IS/XP/NI
EX14001PK4LN1 140/4-20MA/1-10PSI/M201/4" NPT ATEX IS/XP/NI
EX14002PK4EE1 140/4-20MA/6-30PSI/1/2"NPT/1/4" NPT ATEX/FM/CSA - IS/XP/NI
EX14002PK4ES1 140/4-20MA/0.2-30PSI/1/2"NPT/14/" NPT 4BAR GAUGE/ZW14000

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