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CEL-350 dBadge Series Personal Sound Exposure Meter


The CEL-350 dBadge Series comprises of the CEL-350 dBadge, the CEL-350L dBadge 'Lite' and CEL-352 dBadge 'Plus'.

The CEL-350 dBadge Series is ideal for personal noise exposure measurements around the workplace. By using the latest digital technology, the CEL-350 dBadge Series achieves new standards of performance levels in noise dosimetry.

The dBadge design eliminates cables, unlike traditional dosimeters, and weighs only 71g. No other external equipment is needed to operate the CEL-350 dBadge Series. It is simply operated by the 2 keys on the side of the instrument.

Battery life and memory capacity are sufficient to perform many consecutive shift measurements without charging or downloading. Recharging the integral NiMH battery can be achieved in 90 minutes. A variety of mounting options are available for all types of working conditions, making the CEL-350 dBadge Series very easy to fit to the shoulder of the employee and comfortable to wear.

The CEL-350L 'Lite' measures and stores all necessary workplace noise parameters simultaneously. The CEL-350 dBadge model has additional functionality to measure the time history of noise levels on top of these cumulative levels, which can later be graphed on the PC Software.

The CEL-352 dBadge 'Plus' model is also available which measures simultaneous 'C' and 'A' weighted Leq measurements as additional functionality. These can then be used to calculate the effectiveness of hearing protection by either the SNR or HML method further increasing the applications for this innovative product.

For any model no set-up is required so there is no risk of measuring the wrong parameters.

Key Features:

  Compact, rugged (rubber overmoulded) design weighs only 71g
  No cables to damage or get in the way
  Measures and logs all workplace noise parameters
  28 hour battery life, fully charges in 90 minutes
  Integrated display and visual exposure alarm
  Simple auto-calibration function
  Comprehensive software package
  Intrinsically safe models available for use in hazardous atmospheres
  Simultaneous 'C' and 'A' weighted measurements on the dBadge 'Plus'


  Measuring personal noise exposure
  Assessing and monitoring noise in the workplace
  Ensuring compliance with Workplace Noise Regulations
  Selection of effective hearing protection (dBadge 'Plus')

Built in Display

  Display shows measurement status and data
  Unique LED action level alarm function
  'Fuel gauge' display for memory and battery information
  1 minute values of average and peak noise levels stored

The CEL-350 dBadge Series is the first compact noise badge product to be designed with a display. This internal display makes it easy to perform calibration, provides status information and shows key measured data. The dBadge has a unique 'fuel gauge' to display memory and battery status, ensuring the exact remaining battery and memory capacity can be viewed on the display. Also a unique feature of the dBadge is the alarm function. An ultra-bright LED on the dBadge gives a visual indication of when exposure action levels have been exceeded by flashing at different rates. These action levels can be configured via the Insight software and used to instantly see if noise control or hearing protection measures are needed. The alarm function can be switched on or off via the dBadge keys.

In addition to noise exposure parameters, the time history of the noise is logged in 1 minute values of both the average noise level and the peak value for subsequent analysis of how the noise exposure has occurred. This data can be viewed and analysed via Insight software.

Simple 2 key operation

  Unique automatic calibration function
  Lockable keys and display
  Easy to mount on employees' shoulder

The CEL-350 dBadge Series is quick and easy to operate. After switching the dBadge on, place the calibrator over the microphone and the CEL-350 dBadge Series will auto-calibrate, and store the calibration data and time, ensuring accurate and validated results.

The unique design of the windshield ensures it can be securely clipped into place to give protection in dusty environments and prevent air movement affecting the measurement. The dBadge can be started and the keypad locked before being placed on the shoulder of the employee.

Overall, a measurement can be started within seconds of switching the dBadge on. At the end of the measurement run, simply unclip the dBadge. The data can be viewed on the easy to read graphic display to ensure the noise measurement was valid. Consecutive measurements can be taken without the need to charge or download the dBadge.

Casella Insight Data Management Software

  Store results in simple tree structured database, by person, place or process etc
  Automatically colour codes results for exceeded noise action levels
  Graphical display and analysis of noise time history
  Automatic report generation
  Data can easily be exported to other applications

The dBadge downloads to a PC automatically using Casella Insight software, simply by pointing the dBadge at the infra-red download cable provided. Once downloaded, data can be stored under an employees' name, location or process so that a database of noise exposures can be built up.

An automatic colour coding system can be used to highlight which employees have been exposed to specific noise action levels. Graphs can be analysed by adding zones (shown right) which subsequently provides exposure levels inside and outside these zones. This allows the exclusion of extraneous events, breaks etc to provide comparative exposure calculations. Any exclusion zones added to data are retained with the data file.

Data can be viewed according to different measurement protocols, either ISO (Europe) or OSHA (USA). Alternatively the data displayed can be customised to a specific users own requirements.

For larger organisations, data can be shared with colleagues anywhere in the world with the inbuilt import and export feature.

A 'backup database' feature is also included allowing data to be stored on a secure drive within you company, therefore preventing the loss of valuable data.

Report templates provided with the software can be customised and saved, so that user-defined reports can be easily generated. Reports can summarise the required dose data and any information about the employees' working day, together with the logged time history of noise exposure throughout the day. This useful feature ensures exposure data is presented concisely without having copy data to any other software package to produce reports.

Casella Insight Data Management Software has many other features, such as the ability to be used with other Casella CEL instruments, for further details please see Casella Insight data sheet.

Variety of Mounting Options

  Safe and secure
  Comfortable for the wearer
  Can be fitted to all clothing types

The choice of mounting clips, ensures that through it's combined light weight and size, the dBadge is both unobtrusive and comfortable to wear on the shoulder. The dBadge is supplied with both the crocodile clips (fitted) and the pin clip; alternative harness clips or hard hat mounts are also available.

Mounting Options:

  CEL-6351 Pin Kit
  CEL-6352 Crocodile Clip Kit
  CEL-6353 Harness Kit
  CEL-6354 Hard Hat Kit

Intelligent Fast Charging System

  Full charge gives the dBadge a 28 hour operating time
  Fully charges in 90 minutes
  Charger units can be linked together
  Single mains supply can supply up to 12 dBadge units
  Visual display of charge progress with unique 'fuel gauge'

Due to the battery technology and intelligent charging method used, the dBadge unit does not have to be continually on charge. The standard 3-way charger can be used to manage many dBadge units.

When placed on the charger, the dBadge will display a 'fuel gauge' which shows how much operating capacity, in hours, is currently held in the batteries. When fully charged, the blue LED on the front of the dBadge illuminates.

The dBadge does not have to be fully charged prior to use. A 30 minute charge will give an operating time of greater than 8 hours, enough for a typical working day.

A single CEL-6362 3-way charger is required. The number of charging points can be increased using the CEL-6363 3-way charger extension kit. Up to 12 dBadge units can be charged in this way.

Measurements Kits

  Standard kits of 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 units
  Additional dBadges can be added to make any quantity of kit
  Robust kit case holds up to 10 dBadges and accessories

dBadge measurement kits are available with various quantities of dBadges and include all items necessary for workplace noise dosimetry measurements. Each kit is complete with the appropriate number of dBadge units, as well as a CEL-110/2 Acoustic Calibrator, infra-red download cable, 3-way charger, and power supply. The CEL-350 dBadges and the CEL-110/2 Acoustic Calibrator are supplied with calibration certificates.

Data Sheet

Casella Measurement is now known just as Casella.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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