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CEL-600 Series Digital Sound Level Meters

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The CEL-600 series sound level meters use the latest digital technology to give standards of performance never seen in such a compact design.

Using a high resolution colour TFT display, the CEL-600 series is specifically designed to ensure taking noise measurements is quick and easy.

Different models are available depending on your requirements for use in general workplace noise measurements, up to full industrial hygiene requirements where octave band analysis is required for the effective selection of hearing protection.

Key Features:

  Compact, rugged design
  Simple operation
  Single large measurement range
  Large memory
  High resolution colour display
  Real-time octave band analysis
  Simultaneous measurement of all workplace noise parameters
  Instrument menu in 7 languages
  Pre-defined and user configurations available
  Automatic calibration function
  Long battery life


  Workplace noise assessments
  Selection of hearing protection
  Calculation of noise exposure
  Ensuring compliance with workplace noise legislation
  Machinery noise tests

High Resolution Colour Display

  Unique colour coding of measurements
  Bright backlight
  View in all light conditions

The CEL-600 series uses colours of the high-resolution display to aid the user in making measurements. Measurement screens are colour coded depending on the mode of operation. For example, during a measurement run, the header and footer of the display is green (shown right), whereas when a run is stopped they are red, similar to traffic lights for 'stop' and 'go'.

Measured parameters are displayed in different colours, and the bar graphs are illustrated with the same colours to give an easy understanding of the noise climate.

Simple Operation

  Intuitive menu structure
  Multilingual user interface
  Predefined and user selectable setups

The CEL-600 series was designed with ease of use in mind. The menu structure is designed to pick up and use without the use of a manual. A simple icon structure is used with word prompts for each selection, available in seven languages.

The instrument has six selectable setups. Four pre-defined setups can be used to satisfy local workplace noise legislation. Two user setups can be defined to display parameters and weightings as required. Regardless of the setup used, the CEL-600 series measures and stores all parameters and weightings even if not selected. These can be viewed if necessary on the software. Up to 100 measurements can be stored without the need to download.

All runs are date and time stamped.

When connected to a PC via the USB connection, the CEL-600 series acts like a memory card, so data files can be moved to a PC and easily reviewed without the need for proprietary software.

Digital Technology

  Large measurement range
  Simultaneous measurement
  Automatic calibration
  Real-time octave band analysis

By using Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, the CEL-600 series measures all the workplace noise parameters simultaneously with necessary time and frequency weightings, preventing incorrect setup of the instrument. The instrument has a single large measurement range of 20-140dB, eliminating the need to change measurement range and preventing errors.

On the CEL-620B model, octave analysis is performed in real-time, saving time compared to performing measurements sequentially.

Octave band results are shown in both bar-graph and tabular form with the dominant frequency highlighted.

Time history of the broadband noise level is displayed in real-time, so a user can see how the noise level varies with time.

Instrument Range

  Range of instruments available
  Future proof upgrade ability
  Complete measurement kits
  All models available in Class 1 or Class 2

The CEL-600 series comprise of the CEL-610, CEL-620A and CEL-620B. The CEL-610 measures instantaneous and maximum sound pressure levels. CEL-620 models are also integrating so measure average noise levels as well as peak levels for workplace noise legislation. CEL-620A model also simultaneously measures the LC and LA used within the HML method for the selection of hearing protection. In addition, the CEL-620B model performs real-time octave band analysis from 16Hz to 16kHz, values which are used in the octave band method for selection of hearing protection.

If future requirements Automatic calibration change, any instrument can be upgraded to a higher model without returning to Casella.

Complete measurement kits are provided with an acoustic calibrator in a robust kit case complete with instruction manuals and calibration certificates.

Ordering Information

CEL-610/2: Digital Sound Level Meter (Class 2)
CEL-620A/2: Integrating Digital Sound Level Meter (Class 2)
CEL-620B/2: Integrating Octave Band Sound Level Meter (Class 2)
CEL-610/1: Precision Digital Sound Level Meter (Class 1)
CEL-620A/1: Precision Integrating Digital Sound Level Meter (Class 1)
CEL-620B/1: Precision Integrating Octave Band Sound Level Meter (Class 1)

All instruments and calibrators are provided with calibration certificates.

Complete kits are available with acoustic calibrator (CEL-110), kit case, windshield, instruction manuals and USB cable.

For a complete instrument kit add /K1 to the part number e.g. CEL-610/2/K1.

Data Sheet

Casella Measurement is now known just as Casella.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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