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Insight Data Management Software

Casella insight data management software provides Health and Safety professionals with a more advanced solution for downloading, managing and reporting exposure data for a variety of occupational hazards.

Rather than using several software applications to download from many instruments, Casella insight allows data to be downloaded and stored into one versatile package. This means that only one application has to be learnt!

Data is stored on a centralised database which may be managed by Person, Place or Process criteria. Data can be viewed in tabular or graphical format and analysed as necessary. Uniquely, reports can be generated combining multiple hazards simultaneously. They may be displayed by Person, Place etc as required.

Key Features:

  Supports Multiple Instruments
  Report Multiple Exposure Parameters
  Safe and Secure Data Management
  Manage Instrument Inventory and Calibration
  Intuitive User Interface
  Quickly Generate Comprehensive Reports
  Tabular and Graphical Analysis of Data
  Import Data from Existing Casella Packages
  Add New Instruments in the Future
  Share Information Easily with Others
  Integrated Help System


  Occupational Exposure Assessment
  Compliance with Health & Safety Legislation
  Record Keeping of Occupation Exposures
  Reducing Occupational Exposure
  Exposure Source Identification

Simple Instrument Configuration and Download

  'Plug & Play' Download of Instruments
  Calibration Management and Certificate Storage
  Add New Instruments as Required
  Import Data from Existing Casella Software Packages
  Share Data Easily with Other PC's or Colleagues

When an instrument is connected to Casella insight, it will automatically download stored data. Instruments can also be configured and controlled. If a new instrument is purchased, Casella insight can be remotely upgraded to activate the relevant 'plug-in'.

With occupational monitoring equipment, legislation requires periodic calibration to be performed. Casella insight will manage all your calibration dates and notify you when they are due, as well as storing calibration certificates.

Users of existing Casella software packages can import previously downloaded data. Likewise, data within Casella insight can easily be exported and sent to other colleagues or users, allowing data to easily be shared across organisations.

Data Sheet

Easy Data and Exposure Analysis

  Colour Code Results to Exposure Levels
  Analyse Time History Profiles
  Exposure Recalculations
  Analyse Exposure by Person, Place or Process

Exposure levels can be colour coded by a simple 'traffic light' system, it is easy to see which individuals or locations are exceeding action levels. Predefined action levels are provided for local legislation or can be defined as necessary.

For instruments that have stored the time history of levels (e.g. Noise Dosimeters), the stored profile can be analysed and graphs zoomed in to look at specific times. Graphs can be coloured as required, and notes inserted to illustrate important events.

Graphs can be further anaylsed by adding zones (shown right) which subsequently provides exposure levels inside and outside these zones. This allows the exclusion of extraneous events, breaks etc to provide comparative exposure calculations. Any exclusion zones added to data are retained with the data file.

Manage Exposure Data and Easily Generate Reports

  Report Data from Multiple Exposure Hazards
  Built in Report Wizard Function
  Store Exposure Data by Name, Person, Place etc
  Store Data in a Simple Tree Structure
  'Drag and Drop' to Organise Your Data

A simple 'tree view' can be created with which to store and manage data by person, place or process. Once data is downloaded, files can be dragged and dropped to the relevant tree location and all data is stored within a central database.

Templates are provided to view data for local legislation (e.g.OSHA) or can be customised, displayed and reported simply or comprehensively as required.

Exposure data from multiple hazards such as noise and dust can be viewed and reported simultaneously. Reports can be stored in multiple formats (e.g .pdf, .jpg, or .csv) allowing them to be shared and viewed easily, as well as exported to other applications. To create a report, simply 'right click' on the appropriate part of the tree view and the report wizard allows creation of a report for people, processes etc from that part of the tree.

The integral report wizard allows reported parameters to be selected as required and report settings are retained for the next time it is used.

Notes can be added to data, which appear on reports as required. This information could include details about the measurement and subsequent recommendations or actions required to reduce exposure.

Ordering Information

Insight-A: Casella insight Software
Insight-B: Casella insight CEL-600 Series Plug-in
Insight-C: Casella insight APEX & TUFF Pump Plug-in
Insight-D: Casella insight CEL-35X dBadge Plug-in

Casella Measurement is now known just as Casella.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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