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RAE Systems were founded in 1991 and have become one of the world's leading manufacturers of radiation and chemical detection equipment. RAE Systems products have diverse uses for both industrial applications and homeland security, with the product range covering a full range of wireless, portable and fixed monitors for atmospheric applications, as well as photoionisation detectors, gamma detectors and neutron radiation instruments, which give an early warning of any hazardous materials being present.

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RAE Systems first focused on on environmental products. Since then, RAE has grown to become the biggest PID manufacturer in the world, with PID products available for many applications. The technology used in the advanced sensors, combined with innovative wireless ability and humidity compensation research has made RAE's PID products the industry standard.

Big users of products by RAE Systems are the military, firefighting and law enforcement units. These groups, along with other emergency units, need instruments to inform them of any hazardous materials or weapons of mass destruction present in the situations they find themselves in.

For gas detection, RAE Systems have manufactured many accurate and reliable gas detection products. These products have been built to create a safe atmosphere for employees, facilities and the environment. Regardless of the conditions, our broad scope of instrumentation can be used daily for continuous detection of confined space entries, as well as more complicated wireless industrial response incidents.

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